PSLS: 2.40 Initial Impressions

2.40 went live early this morning so PSLS have had a small chance to try it out. However they have not been able to fully try out the Trophies system just yet but they can go into detail on this feature in a future article.

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Epic3698d ago

So what PSlevel are you guys at hehe?
I'm on Level 2 - is it possible to get to level 3 at the moment?

Marceles3698d ago

Seems like you might be if you get all the trophies on SSHD. I need more 3 silver and the one co-op gold to have them all. It might be enough...

chasegamez3698d ago

damm i just got all the bronze

Panthers3698d ago

Im at lvl 2. The 15 Bomber trophy is the hardest by far.

StalkingSilence3698d ago

Haven't downloaded FW 2.40 yet - stuck at work.

whoelse3698d ago

Level 0 because i dont have SSD

the_pitt3698d ago

i downloaded the firmware at work on my SD card and just installed it