The Best Console You Can Buy This Christmas Is A Wii U

Once again the journalists are touting Wii U as the console to buy this year.

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kwandar1451d ago

If you didn't know better, you'd think the journalists have done a 180, and are now unanimously coming out in favour of the Wii U.

I agree with them that the Wii U is the console to pickup. Lets see if the parents are listening.

Cindy-rella1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I know most people are followers by nature but the wii u is actually the worst console to get by far for a core gamer. The wii u is only a value to Nintendo gamers or fans of majority of the games on wii u. The wii u has been out for over two years and it only has a handful of quality titles. The wii u lacks 95percent of third party games and is barely getting releases of software when compared to the xbox one and ps4.

I know on this site people disagree constantly if you have an opinion based on logic or truth but the wii u is a terrible console with terrible support so it has tetrible sales. The console was made by Nintendo and all blame falls at their feet for all of the wii u's failings. Imo the wii u is way too expensive for what is offered with the hardware of the wii u.

Consoles are an investment for games now and for the future but the wii u struggles constantly for games. It gets games once in a while and itll be like that throughout the consoles lifetime whereas in the xbox one and ps4 their are constant releases. The wii u experiences months of drought with no new releases like previous Nintendo systems. Ive been seeing articles constantly talking about how the wii u is the best console to get which confuses me. I have so much to say about the wii u but ill just end this here. The wii u is terrible and a bad investment of a console for core gamers.

kwandar1451d ago

The WiiU is certainly not struggling for games. There are about 450 games based on this list: Wii_U_software

Add to that the full Wii library plus the virtual games from older systems.

The PS4 and Xbox1 have under 400 games each (I didn't do the count, I'll let you) and can't play the PS3 or 360 back catalogues.

So now ... my opinion was based on logic and truth. Was yours?

BullyMangler1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

LMAO . so you are saying, that if a customer comes into my store, and asks me:

"Which of the new Next Gen Consoles has the most BEAUTIFUL, most CHALLENGING, more GORY, more IMAGINATIVE games?, im mainly looking for a challenge" . . .

Ide get fired if i LIED to them and told them to get a ps4 or XB1 rather a wiiU << . .

ps4 and XB1 dont just need great games if they wanna WIN the GAMING war, ps4 and XB1 need exclusives that will top the game CHANGING standards the wiiU has SET . . ..

mikeslemonade1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Here we go again with the nintendo apologists.

Exclusives..? That argument is not relevant because multiplats are still games and many of them aren't even on WiiU and if they are they're gimped. I know you're not gonna play Watchdogs on WiiU right or any other gimped multiplat.

I have all the gaming platforms except 3DS. And WiiU and Vita are my least played systems. I call BS on the "85 meta scores" philosophy.. Yes they are factually 85s, but a 85 on the WiiU is like a 80 on current gen spec hardware like PC, X1, and PS4.

This is where my argument still stands.. A 90 on PS2, Dreamcadt, iOS, android is not the same as a 90 on X1, PS4, and PC. Each game has its own standard. Just because a game is a higher meta doesn't mean it's directly better. If it's PS4 game vs X1 game then it's more definitive.

The WiiU is a glorified and optimized PS3. The score is relative to a PS3 game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1451d ago

wii u lacks 95percent of third party games

and over 70% are garbage and broken

Metallox1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I don't have anything against Cindy-rella's statement, but mikeslemonade... come on, man. You can't be that serious this time.

zero_gamer1451d ago

You're right, the Wii U is the worst console for the core gamer. It's for the hardcore gamer. It's also the worse console for the casual gamer. Casual gaming is almost non-existent on this console because tablets and Facebook serve that purpose nowadays.

Concertoine1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I agree the console is of niche appeal and lacks essential components to the other next gen consoles, and even some of last gen's.

But you can't say it's "a terrible console" and then proclaim to speak "logic and truth". That's contradictory. You're no better than some nintendo fanboys that say it's factually better than everything.

You can't tell people what is and isn't a bad investment to them. For me, a console is worth its asking price as long as it has a solid bunch of games for it. The Wii U succeeds in that case. I have 15 wii u games i've bought since Sept. 2013 when i bought one. The Wii U is one of my favorite consoles for several reasons, but i certainly won't profess my opinion of it as "logic and truth" because it isn't, unlike you.

JimmyDM901451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


The wii u has been out almost twice as long as the PS4 and XBONE and only has about 50 more games than each? Comparitively that's not a lot man especially since most people considered 2014 a slow year for PS4 and Xbone. Even if those consoles continued this slow place (which is extremely unlikely looking at their 2015 line up), they will have eclipsed Nintendo by the end of the year by about 800 each to 675.

zero_gamer1451d ago

50 more games isn't bad for a console with almost no cross-platform games.

JimmyDM901451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


I took a look at the Wii U software list and over 40% of the games were cross platform. Sure that's probably considerably less than the other consoles but i wouldn't call it "almost no multi-plat support". This percentage will probably lower as the generation goes on but Nintendo knew that going in when they released the Wii U.

tman73021451d ago

Sorry for someone to say the Wii U is the worst console is basically talking out of their a** and never owned a Wii U before. Worse console to get in my opinion is the PS4, but hey that's just me. I don't follow the bandwagon of sheep.

Highlife1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Depends who is getting it. These articles are terrible. Wiiu for me would be terrible I have never liked any of the Mario games. But this would be great for my kids. (Which is why I got them one 2 years ago. And got myself a PS4). All depends on the games you want. Hell get them all who flipping cares.

zero_gamer1451d ago

If you're referring to downloadable games, you're right. Thanks for reminding me of that. I am just used to the big releases, you know Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Destiny, GTA, Dragon Age, Battlefield, etc.

A large percentage of that 40% I am guessing are indies that are on pretty much every platform and mobile device. I don't really follow digital-only titles very well and almost never buy from the eShop.

But still, that's 40+%. 50+% are exclusive, yet the system has 50 more games. That's not bad at all. Most games on PS4 and Xbox One are NOT exclusive, to my knowledge anyway.

guitarded771451d ago

I'm a "core gamer" and think the Wii U has stuff to offer me. I use it for Nintendo exclusives, and "retro" (I hate that word... it makes me feel old) games.

Zelda, Xenoblade and Metroid are games for core gamers. You gotta be pretty core to go and play 25+ year old games from your youth. I play Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, RPG's, etc on the virtual console.

Can the Wii U meet all my demands? No, that's why I have other platforms, but to say there is no appeal for core gamers is just pure bias. If you don't want one, fine... but you have no clue what Wii U offers.

I've been openly critical of Nintendo since the Wii came out... I bought a Wii U at launch due to hype and hope, but the platform has come into its own. With the price of the holiday bundles with some great games, it's a solid gift any gamer should enjoy. Nintendo needs to improve their Network, and online presence, but their exclusives are consistent and appeal to core and casual gamers.

freshslicepizza1451d ago

right now the wii u has the better and more exclusive content and thats because it came out a year prior. its also cheaper but as for investments the ps4 or the xbox one is likely a better choice in the long run. but i dont see spending a few hundred dollars or even up to five hundred dollars as a huge investment which is why what each offers right now is the most important factor. and right now neither the ps4 or xbox one are very desirable to those who already own a pc, a xbox 360 or a ps3 or a combination of those. these new consoles dont offer backwards compatibility and weve seen way to many cross gen and remastered titles to try and hide the limited amount of new titles that are next gen only that are any good.

N4g_null1451d ago

Mike how are we apologist when the wiiu has done everything right this year? How are we illogical when our launch games where not broken and how is it bad that nintendo has been out longer? I mean that doesn't change the fact that the ps4 and xbone had a ton of badly polished games coming from their AAA groups and 1st parties.

if anything you guys are the fanboys in a Nintendo article spewing illogical hate to a console. Is it threatening you? Are you just to cheap to buy it. Why are you here to tell everyone it isn't the console to buy?

I mean do you guys work for sony?

We all know sony and ms messed up this 1st year but pr wise they rocked it. Ms was able to have a good Christmas which is unheard of. Sony sold a system off promises and barely kept any of them. Unfortunately they are the target of a dictator now so expect something on the psn to get hacked.

it seems the media is coming out to right a wrong. Nintendo pr sucked during the launch. Pr from the media actually made it worst. A live blog post asking where was the console turned into the wiiu was just a addon. Then all of the negativity from the past came rushing back. Suddenly a sony monopoly was ok and drm and always online where ok. Even paid online was ok as long as they gave away junk games.

It is ok if you hate the wiiu but everyone has heard your excuses before. Why are you championing something that has shown no value? Over hyped games,50% more power for what lights? Innovation by not supporting your own gear, how many move or ps eye ps4 games do you play that are fun? The other platforms are starting to turn into niche platforms also simply because 3rd parties are becoming niche also. They all make pc games.

I haven't been posting as much because it more fun to play my games that to argue with people that just hate gaming.

GordonKnight1451d ago

Nintendo is supporting the consoles very well.

Who gets a core gamer a console as a gift? They should already have their console. Who ever doesn't have a PS4, X1, or Wii U yet. Can't be in the category of Core gamer. IMO

lefty1450d ago

you claim logic and truth, logically core gamers play game for gaming experiences, what new experience does the ps4 offer? Graphics? Logical as a parent I would buy the console that appeals to everyone (including the wife)and if the content is mature (beyonetta and ninja gaiden for example) i play on the gamepad which offers privacy. Truthfully the wii u holds the better games hands down, and just because 3rd party developers are to lazy and don't show the wii u any respect they cant expect owners of the console to purchase their game if its incomplete, Nintendo releases complete games, and as such we don't accept anything less. Developers now offer less to make more money in the form of dlc. Nintendos DLC fells more like additional content not something to make the experience complete. Its my only console I own a gaming pc but find myself on the wii u more. I prefer quality to quantity when it comes to consoles.

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kwandar1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Double Post

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1451d ago

Indeed! Fun Factors Wii U Offers and Great Exclusives Game with Miiverse community!

HentaiMasterRace1451d ago

I got it last year and I think it's a pretty decent console, but I wouldn't say that PS4 and Xbox One aren't a good investment either. 2015 looks pretty good for ALL the consoles.