Toys R Us Apologizes and Reinstates Amiibo Pre-Orders

illgrillchill writes "After a slew of disappointing emails from Toys R Us on Friday, customers who were advised that all their cancelled Amiibo pre-orders are in fact now reinstated."

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josephayal1427d ago

apologize? what's so amazing about these Amiibo's?

TheFreshestLlama1427d ago

They're the hot toy of the holiday season for a lot of gamers. I have been working on collecting them all and it's things like this that make the search a struggle for many. Add in the scalpers and Nintendo's inability to keep up with the demand for certain figures and you start to see the picture as to why so many were pissed off.

Hopefully after the holiday season Nintendo can turn it around and get every one the figures they want. There's money to be made here, and it's Nintendo's to lose if they can't supply the demand.

illgrillchill1427d ago

I agree with everything you've said. The holiday season is a crazy time for each and every company, so once Nintendo has a second to breath I'm sure they'll be cranking out the Amiibos

DivineAssault 1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

my email said they cannot legally reinstate the order but will update with info on how to do so..

The reason its such a big deal is because they had a sale of buy 1 get 1 40% off & people are pissed! Like myself