Steam Winter Sale Day 4

Day four is here and this time there are some recent games like Never Alone and Alien Isolation getting a price cut. Meanwhile the community choice centers around game creation and 3D modelling programs.

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BattleAxe1401d ago

I wish they would do 75% off all Call of Duty games and DLC. This series can't be selling that well on PC with prices so high years after release.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231401d ago

Going for £14 on GKFA. Picked up my copy after free weekend.

Metallox1401d ago

May get Alien Isolation and Shadow Warrior.

TedCruzsTaint1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Always check G2A before anything, even during sales such as these. I saw Isolation cheaper there, days ago, than it is now on Steam.
Always go with a reputable seller though.


Anybody has the right to sell keys they have legal access to. They are actually pretty quick to jump on what they feel are illegally received keys. I largely disagree, and find it to be a solid place to get discounts. I tend to go there for keys when we don't receive code from developers.

All_Consoles1401d ago

G2A is as illegitimate as piracy, although you are paying for it

noxeven1401d ago

Shadow Warriors is amazing I grabbed that today. Totally worth it

deadfrag1401d ago

Steam is pricing the games high on this year sales.Have you people noted!? Many games are pricing higher than last year,small discounts!