Don’t pay for Broken Games, just Review them Highly

Playeressence "If its one thing that I have noticed with certain websites that like to clickbait (you guys know who I’m talking about), is they seem to contradict themselves at times in order to take advantage of the current situation. Here is one situation below that takes advantage of the hype of one game a month ago, brushing aside its issues….. then says we shouldn’t have purchased that same game because of its’ broken features."

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DarkAstronaut1428d ago

What a disgrace. This is a massive problem with gaming journalism these days. They just cater to the moment and never think about the bigger picture like the state of the industry or the people it's affecting or in some cases manipulating. IGN gave the MCC a 9/10 knowing it was broken. They call the patches "content updates" it's quite ridiculous,. Not to mention the hordes that defend these practices.

Look at Eurogamer's technical analysis and review for example



Interesting they don't mention co-op is unplayable in their review among other things. Pretty shady IMO.

Vegamyster1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

That's why i don't take reviews/Metacritic seriously, i remember picking up Skyrim originally on the PS3 and what a mess, so many bugs, FPS drops and crashes yet not a single major reviewer mentioned this and ended up with a 92 on Metacritic some how. Unless it's a smaller/less known game I've noticed most reviewers (not all) don't bother to talk about games issues or where they can improve, i assume one big reason has something to do with people back lashing over a simple number score lol.

Majin-vegeta1428d ago

Regarding the Skyrim debacle.I member reading they never sent out PS3 review copies only 360

Vegamyster1428d ago


If that's true then these sites should be updating their reviews and getting the word out.

mydyingparadiselost1428d ago

I typically avoid buying games day one BECAUSE of Skyrim on PS3. I put over a 100 hours into the game, and 85 hours of it were just filled with the worst bugs I'd ever seen. the FPS drops, quests that wouldn't complete, stuttering, crashing, having to turn the game off and back on every 15 minutes to keep it running, and then the later patches just broke more stuff like the damage values for magic and magic defense. I got burned hard, and I haven't forgotten about it.
All I want is to buy something and have it work properly. IF I wait 2 months and get it for $35 dollars cheaper AND working then that's just better for my wallet.

theshonen88991428d ago

Are you guys going to armchair judge these reviewers all day? People hound them for days about a new game review. You should read all the whiny comments complaining about when a games reviews are coming out. They're under pressure to deliver and it isn't always easy to determine when to release a review. Hats off to Gamespot for delaying reviews like Halo MCC to test online features.

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imt5581428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

True, true. I highly agree with your post. Btw. only few sites really noticed the problems ( at least they not pretend as there are no problems ) and reviewed MCC with average score ( as it should be ) :

"Halo: The Master Chief Collection should be recalled"

76erz24 :

Driveclub is faaar from mediocre racing game. MCC contains 4 FPS games which they are synonym for SMOOTH FPS online shooting and online is still broken. Even DC online works better now than MCC online with "dedicated servers".


Halo franchise became famous because of its online component. Anyway, SP campaigns are also broken :

"What works - and what doesn't - in Halo: The Master Chief Collection"

Bigpappy1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Ah, MCC collection is 4 completely playable campaigns. Many people don't even play online. A lot of you are of the opinion that Halo is just an online shooter. It's is actually full offline game with a great online component.

Halo-CE wasn't even an online game. Game Spy later setup a make shift connection that allowed the lan contention to work over its network.

The game does work online right now by the way. So I don't know the purpose of this write up. Must be out of hit worthy material.

DigitalRaptor1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Damn, what an apologist.

Listen to this REAL Halo fan talk about what was a disgraceful game release and then read back your own comment to realise just how bad it is.

And FYI, there were game-breaking issues with the campaigns too:

DLConspiracy1428d ago

Co op wasn't broken. I was playing it with my friend the first few days it came out. Just pointing that out BTW.

Nobody should defend games that are not working like they should at start. They just need to make sure they point the finger in all games directions not decide on one title that happens to be on one console. Personally people take reviews far too seriously anyway. They are peoples opinions and peoples opinions vary from everyone else's. The scores that any game gets are not based on facts and they certainly don't apply to everyone. Opinions swing all over the place and I never take them seriously. News reports however are a different story.

SegaGamer1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Spot on. The bias of game reviews are the reason why i take absolutely no notice of review scores.

Lesser hyped or lesser know games with bugs get ripped to shreds by reviews. But games like Skyrim, Halo, GTA 5 and Assassins Creed get brilliant or decent scores even though they are full of bugs.

I love GTA 5, but come on that games online mode was an absolute joke when it launched, and it still suffers issues today. Also, the offline mode had some terrible pop up issues and glitches. Those problems SHOULD effect the overall review score, but the reviewers just over looked them.

BattleAxe1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

@ DarkAstronaut

It's funny, because I was playing the co-op during all of these problems...without any problems myself.

But as to why they would give the MCC a 9/10 score, well it's pretty obvious. Throw four of the highest rated FPS games together in one package, with all the multiplayer modes and maps for each game, and this game deserves a 9/10 just for the shear amount to content alone.

I do agree though, that on the whole, it seems that we as gamers are being treated to early access games at full price, and it's got to stop. I am letting the MCC collection off the hook though, since there is so much content there, and they have since fixed the issues as of around 4 weeks after launch.

You've also got to give credit to Microsoft for giving early adopters a free copy of Halo 3: ODST, an extra remastered map for Halo 2 multiplayer and one free month of Xbox Live. So, unlike most companies out there like EA with the Battlefield 4 fiasco and Sony with the Driveclub fiasco, Microsoft has put the customer first with these reparations, even though obviously we all hope to have the games that we are paying top dollar for, run the way they are supposed to at the time of release.

Scottyxboxoneandps41428d ago

Thing is even with just the campaigns Halo mcc deserves a 9/10 for that content alone. Although you should expect the multiplayer to work straight out of the box.

JimmyDM901428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Funny how forgiving they were of MCC in it's buggy completed state compared to when they wrote an article crapping all over a PRE-ALPHA demo of Uncharted 4.

joab7771428d ago

It's a tough situation. Let's say that The Last of Us, arguably the best game from last gen released with a broken multiplayer component, or the single player was glitchy until a patch released 2 weeks later, how should it be reviewed?

Would a few glitches have made this an average game and ruined one of the best video game experiences to date?

Should there be separate reviews for online, over future reviews for patches? Should it be one and done? Should sites go back to big titles near the holidays and other big spending times and re-review the current state of games?

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Mechanism1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

US gaming 'journalism' is absolutely atrocious, just like US media generally. They are desperate for their US-centric product to be king, and will hand down completely hypocritical, entirely transparent reviews, which are full of double standards to some games, while others not.

They downplay games like The Order for not being innovative, while seeing games such as Halo 5 as some sort of game changer (looks fun but hasn't looked more like any other FPS in all it's time). They absolutely drill Drive Club for launch issues, while Halo:MCC (as you stated above) get's loads of free passes. Sales are downplayed, differences in multi-platforms are downplayed, differences in hardware are often entirely dismissed.

The MS fans here (largely US based) will obviously entirely disagree, and believe it is all fair game in US media, but they are probably the type of jokers to watch CNN and Fox news and take that as standard too.

IGN, Gaming Bolt, Polygon (just to name a few, and by the way, how on earth can you have Polygon - an MS funded organisation on metacritic) are a disgrace and prove US gaming 'journalism' is more often that not, an absolute farce.

76erz241428d ago

Well to be fair the Master Chief collection content is on a different planet quality wise when compared to Drive Club. We're talking about a pretty but mediocre racing game against a collection of one of the greatest game franchises of all time.

kayoss1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

"...Master Chief collection content is on a different planet quality wise..."
Isn't this a remaster? You talk like this was a brand new ip that came full of content. Master chief collection is full of content that was already been released before, it just looks prettier. Drive club is a new ip and so far after the online fixes, blows mist racing game out of the water when it comes to quality and graphics.
Remember, both games are touted to be online centric. If one game have online issues at launch, shouldn't reviewers treat another the same for the same issue?

1nsomniac1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

What do we expect from an industry that has to deal with this community of morons!

Just look at the articles on Unity. Another game released completely broken but there is still an unbelievable volume of people that are so mentally challenged that they say in 1 hand that they bought it & haven't been able to play it. Then continue to say but that's fine because they're playing another game instead until it gets fixed. Followed up with the fact we should all shut up & be grateful that they sold us the game in the first place. This without the slightest bit of irony hitting home with any of them of how ridiculous their comments are.

It's not difficult to see that gamers overall are publicly laughed at as an industry/community because it just wouldn't be allowed in any other industry other than politics I suppose. Which is equally laughed at because of the equal stupidity & mindset of the politicians.

DragoonsScaleLegends1428d ago

Lol every game needs a patch at launch these days. But yeah some games need patches up to a year later to fix issues which is pathetic.

No_Limit1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

OK...lets put it this way, besides the initial Matchmaking issue that 343i and MS since admitted and working to get it fixed with multiple updates already and provided some cool stuff like a free Halo ODST remastered DLC, a free H2 remastered level, and a month's Live for free, why are we forgetting the value of the entire package as well like 4 HD campaigned that are totally playable along with the Halo 5 Beta?

NBA2K15 also have online issue but those reviews mainly praised the gameplay, animations, game modes and it succeeded which is the core of the game which can make or break the entire foundation of the game but online can be fixed with updates.

People always bring up Driveclub and why they punished that game for the online issue but not Halo MCC. People tend to forget that the online portion for Driveclub WAS working when the reviewers review the game and not part of the equation when decides to give that game the scores it is the uninspired gameplay, lack of mode, contents, and features that is the downfall of Driveclub and NOT the online issue. Don't believe me, go check some reviews and see for yourself.

Spotie1428d ago

There's that gameplay thing again. Never any explanation, though.

Please, elaborate. What was/is missing from DriveClub's gameplay?

No_Limit1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Why don't you go read the reviews and see for yourself instead of having me providing you with all the answers.

Tell you what, since I am a nice guy, I'll give you a sneak preview of what I am talking about regarding Driveclub with one from Gamespot:
"As of this writing, MULTIPLAYER IS FUNCTIONAL but invites little enthusiasm, particular when competitive drivers edge you off the track to take advantage of the resulting acceleration penalty, or undershoot corners as they grow accustomed to the game's--er--unique handling." (ie...uninspired Gameplay related)

The Good
-Tour does a great job of ramping up the challenge
-You race beautiful cars on beautiful tracks

The Bad
-Bland atmosphere, bland presentation, bland everything
-Stubborn AI and weird handling lead to frustration (ie...uninspired Gameplay related)

Final Scores: 5/10

pelida1428d ago

Ha! He find the way not to give an explanation again!

DigitalRaptor1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

@ No_Limit

Your comment just proved his point.

You're quoting stuff that you can't even go further and elaborate yourself. Go on forums and find quotes from people who own the game and have played it inside out for weeks, and then come back to me with the same "overwhelming" criticisms about it having bad gameplay.

You are the dictionary definition of an apologist. Apologising for one brand making bad decisions, whilst criticising another for something that you cannot justify by way of your own opinions.

Volkama1428d ago

I own the game. I disagree with Gamespot about the handling being bad, but everything else there is fair imo. The hate campaign that says it is a terrible game that nobody can enjoy is excessive as it does have it's strengths, but mediocre is a fair summary.

This whole propaganda piece that DriveClub is actually a great game and the early reviews should be ignored is a farce.

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