The Most Disappointing PS4 Games of 2014

PS4Home: "Here are the most disappointing PS4 games of 2014 presented in no particular order."

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JudgmentJay1304d ago

If Driveclub gets a spot I dare say so should The Crew

1304d ago
IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1303d ago

Watch Dogs and Thief. Hyped, and failed.

nitrogav1303d ago

These articles are getting annoying now . Not disappointing games but disappointing launches !! . Big difference . Driveclub is an amazing game now imo .

ShinnokDrako1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Again with DC! Ok, we got it, the launch was a "FAIL!!!!1!!111!", the online didn't work so well but now it works. Now the game is fun, it has all the right things to be an enjoyable racer, even for those who don't like racing games even.
What is there not so good about the title? The graphics? No, i don't think so, even a blind troll would see that the graphics are great. Outside N4G at least. Is it an easy racer that doesn't offer challenges? No, not at all. Sometimes it's hard to get those damned stars. Not so many cars? Well, other titles have more, ok, but i think there are enough to choose and more will come. Some of them even for free. Bah, i guess i'm going to see a lot more of these stupid articles.

SaveFerris1303d ago

Three of them are multi-platform, cross-gen titles.