PS4 vs Xbox One – VGChartz Gap Charts – November 2014 Update

Welcome to the VGChartz Gap charts. The charts will be updated monthly and each article will focus on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation, as well as comparing the 8th generation consoles. All sales are worldwide, unless otherwise stated.

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Vidyagames1452d ago

Why do gamers care about sales? Shouldn't that be the manufacturers job? As long as the difference isn't enough to make 3rd parties lose interest (which won't happen to either xb1 or ps4), gamers should be happy. Plus, when a console sells less, the manufacture puts more effort in improving it

ape0071452d ago

i do care about sales but not obsessive caring like fanboys

sales show how gaming is growing and also show competition

sales and competition are two huge factors that can tell us how many games will be released, how successful is this, how successful is that, can we expect a sequel

and also show us how much companies are welling to compete with each other (X1 bundles, ps4 bundles)

DarkAstronaut1452d ago

Exactly. This new trend of sales don't matter is incredibility naive. If things don't sell, new versions don't get made. For example there might not be another Bayonetta or Forza Horizon and that's not based on how much people enjoyed them.

Sales shouldn't affect your enjoyment, but to act like they don't matter is very very naive.

badboyz091452d ago

We should Focus more on Profit?

mikeslemonade1452d ago

Because sales means more game development. SFV and current-gen Heavenly Sword is exclusive because of the large install base and sales gaps.

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GameNameFame1451d ago

Funny how vgchartz is now only wrong if Xbox does bad. If it does well, then it's for sure

MazzingerZ1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

MSFT started all this around sales figures and "hardcore" games BS... Some years ago... Difference is that Then it was them coming out every week and barging abou it, Greenberg's job was that I guess

beerzombie1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I agree I find it interesting how the market plays out. Plus 80 million plus Xbox 360's is the only reason Ms is still in the game; forcing Sony to get better and the bad start with X-1 making Ms try harder. Gamers Win!

Griever1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I agree with you. Besides "sales do not matter" is an argument used only by the losing side. It is always the sour grapes case. "Third party games do not matter" "Exclusives do not matter." "Hardware power does not matters." People will always say that a thing does not matter which they do not have. As soon as they get them, they cannot stop raving about them. Just as it happened in November NPD sales figures in case of Xbox One fanboys.
Oh and I do not see the lead shrinking as claimed by Xbox fans. It is still growing in that graph. Xbox One will need to outsell PS4 worldwide consistently to wipe that lead and that is impossible for them to do.

darthv721451d ago

Sales matter, exclusives matter, 3rd parties matter, hardware specs matter...all of that matters to a degree.

What matter most is personal satisfaction. Something that cant be gauged because of the individual nature of preference.

The only gap I'm really concerned with is the one in my entertainment center. It is big enough for both a PS4 and xb1. That is the gap I want to see close and it will.

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DarkAstronaut1452d ago

I think the better question is why did you even come to an article about sales and comment? If you don't care, don't click. Not everyone is you and you'll just have to accept that. I always feel like these comments come from people that don't like what they see, more than not caring. It feels like a defense mechanism.

Vidyagames1452d ago

I like to ask gamers why they go about their fanboyish ways, and try to get insight on the ignorance of them

Snookies121452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

He commented because he was curious and was asking why people care about them. That's a valid reason to click on the article.

I personally don't care much about sales. It's nice to hear when consoles are doing well though.

DarkAstronaut1452d ago

"It's nice to hear when consoles are doing well though."

Because sales matter. Like I said above, it shouldn't affect your enjoyment but to act like they don't matter is very naive. Future iterations are dependant on sales, MP communities are dependant on sales, New consoles are dependant on sales. There will probably never be a Vita 2 because of this, or Bayonetta, or Forza Horizon, or Sunset Overdrive or Alien Isolation, or DA:I. All are great games that might never see sequels. Don't act like this isn't reality, because it is. And this will affect your enjoyment. Like I said don't be naive. This is a narrative pushed by peoples who's favorite console isn't doing well. When your favorite games don't see sequels, it's not because of how much you enjoyed them.

Vidyagames1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I can see where your argument makes sense. I'm more referring to those who plague this site with comments to try and justify their purchase, while hating on the console they didn't purchase

ABizzel11452d ago


But no one made any kind of comment like that and you were the first one to comment all together, so your reasoning doesn't make sense. I get what you're saying, but you're not going to change these fanboys who do come to sales for the reasons you pointed out, so it's best to just scroll through the comments and start clicking that ignore button. It's done wonders for me.

BeefCurtains1451d ago

A defense mechanism is putting out an article like this the month after everyone is talking about X1s great sales for the month. I'm not celebrating X1 sales, because I don't care, and I honestly don't care because, well, the ps4 is killing it, and I'm not delusional enough to celebrate a month or two of good X1 sales numbers.

As long as both systems keep selling well, then we are all getting great content. I'll eventually own a ps4, but for the time being, x1 offers the types of games that I like, and I prefer it's controller, so that's the choice I made.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1451d ago


"I like to ask gamers why they go about their fanboyish ways, and try to get insight on the ignorance of them"

For what? Are you conducting scientific research or just trolling? My guess is you're just trolling.

UnwanteDreamz1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

So if I play sales then my favorite games get sequels? Games are the most important thing about gaming. Knowing a game sold well or poorly changes nothing for gamers or the game. Gamers knowing sales figures does absolutely nothing for the industry. We know sales matter and why, now tell me how knowing and discussing sales changes anything. You lot might as well discuss the price of tea in china.

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2pacalypsenow1452d ago

Because sales translates to exclusives and games look at the xbxo 360 , almost every developer catered to xbox becuase the lead they had over the ps3

Live_Larry1452d ago

Oh, didn't you hear?

All PS4s come with 100 preferred shares of Sony stock.

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jjonez181452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Personally, it's a hobby I picked up. Don't struggle to understand why other people enjoy other things. Accept it and move on.

Some people enjoy comparing
Android to iOS
Nike to Jordan
Ford to Chevrolet
Xbox to Playstation

They're all niches. People have different interests.
This question comes up whenever sales data/rumors is posted.
What I don't get is why this is so hard to comprehend.

mediate-this1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Nike to jordan? Under the same umbrella buddy, and i also wouldnt call gaming or cars or smart phones niche's

jjonez181451d ago

So you can't compare Nike to Jordan because they're under the same branch? So I guess comparing a Samsung Galaxy to a Sony Xperia is out of the question because they're both android phones? Makes no sense.

And they can be seen as niches because they are a smaller piece of a much larger market.

Cherchez La Ghost1451d ago

Jordan Brand is under Nike under the ownership of Micheal Jordan.

OB1Biker1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I think its fair enough to , at least, be interested in how they sale. What I dont get is why fanboys embarrass themselves so much in the weird idea they will get their preferred console to sell more because they do lists and brag about or troll around.
Im definitely a Playstation man but I got friends who have an xbone and actually dont care at all what other people have or get.
If only PS and Xbox users could play MP online together, I wish gamers would push for that sort of thing instead

fr0sty1451d ago

Some gamers aren't just fans of the games themselves, but the industry as a whole, and keeping track of sales is a good way to gauge the health of the industry.

SilentNegotiator1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

"As long as the difference isn't enough to make 3rd parties lose interest (which won't happen to either xb1 or ps4)"

Have you not seen all of the articles about indie developers choosing to develop first for PS4 (despite the fact that Microsoft then won't publish them, due to the parity clause) and how many more games have been published on Ps4 than Xbox One?

Developers, especially indie, HAVE been making such decisions (when they have to choose a platform to start/focus on), partly or in whole because of those very differences in sales.

SilentNegotiator1451d ago

Oh, and it's not just the indies; Ninja Theory's next game is a temp exclusive to PS4 (which means it will theoretically never be on Xbone) because none of their games have met their unrealistic expectations of sales and they need to focus their efforts.

UKmilitia1451d ago

well people care about sales because from PC gamers we constantly hear that "console gaming" is dead.

but its nioce to know in terms of how companies like SOny and Ms are responding to figures.

Many people including myself that was a gamer 10 years before internet was about didnt grow up with latest info and had to read it in a magazine(monthly)so its nice to have info and then there is the generation of social media that lives on info people never used to have access too.
you know the generation that always need a wifi connection on holiday etc)

VegasDawg1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Gamers should hope both consoles do well it's good for the consumer and gaming in general, that's the only intelligent reason to care.

Shall I explain Capitalism?

kws10651451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Gamer should care because

1. Game developer gives more attention to the platform has more gamers.
2. It is very hard and costly expensive to turn something into exclusive against larger platform base.

VegasDawg1451d ago

Spoken like a true fanBOY. How does that help the gamer in general? IT DON'T. It only helps out one side and that's less than half the population . It helps the fanBOY not the gamer, big difference.

Macdaddy711451d ago

Have to agree with Vidyagames we shouldn't n don't care, this should be MS n Sony business only,'s not like we can control the sales numbers in the first place,...

riseer231451d ago

I would like Sony to do well.I have a Ps4 so sells are a good thing it means the platform is relevant.

Spotie1451d ago

It's not even that you don't know why gamers care about sales. It's that you don't like the reasons why.

A few moments of critical thinking would come up with all the reasons others have given. And that's outside of people just being interested in whatever interests them.

I don't get why people who don't have an interest in something nevertheless g into an article about that thing... only to complain or wonder about those that DO care. To say nothing of those that have changed their tune since their console of choice has consistently come up short this gen.

gangsta_red1451d ago

Don't you complain constantly at everything? How can you say this comment and then one brief look through your comment history reveals you doing the exact same thing.

And I am positive sales didn't matter for your console of choice last gen. In fact I am damn sure we heard nothing but "play games, not sales" or "US is not the world" from a certain group.

The street runs both ways my friend.

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SaveFerris1452d ago

I know that VGChartz is considered to be inaccurate in regards to the global numbers posted, but is the PS4 really approaching 16m and the Xbox One 9m?

Illusive_Man1452d ago

Sure it is if you're a fanboy.

Ask a Sony fanboy for a real source for sold numbers. They don't have one. They'll say sales are anywhere between 16-20 million sales and the PS4 has anywhere 6-9 million sales gap. But when you ask for a source they don't have anything but inaccurate VGChartz. When the VGChartz don't reflect positive numbers for Ps4 they'll just say it's undertracking or The site sucks.

MasterCornholio1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

VGChartz always undertracks the PS4. It doesn't matter if the console is ahead in sales or not.

Hey at least Sony is nice enough to tell us every once in a while what the PS4 is actually selling to consumers.

DarkAstronaut1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

All you have to do is look at NPD numbers in comparison to their projected numbers to see they undertrack the PS4 and overtrack Xbox One. It happens every month. In November they said the Xbox One was outselling the PS4 2:1. They were off by a few hundred thousand.

If you want information on sales listen to the people who know these things who frequent Neogaf. They work for companies that know these things.

Ezz20131451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Sony Announce that they SOLD 10 Million In Aug

Sony Announce that they shipped 3.5 million in Sep

it doesn't talk much to know that they are now 16million or more
See ...all from Sony them self

while Microsoft only talked about shipped numbers and have yet to announce the SOLD through numbers or that they even hit 8 or 9 millions sold
all what they said is "Shortly, we will ship 10 million"
and could mean any thing from moth to months

I don't care about Vgchartz Or Lolchartz as i call them
They are always off no matter what

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1451d ago


"Ask a Sony fanboy for a real source for sold numbers. They don't have one."

No one has an accurate source. VGchartz wasn't close when Sony announced 6 million sold. VGchartz wasn't close when Sony announced 10 million sold. So why would anyone say that VGchartz is legitimate? It's useful when nothing else is available, and that's all.

riseer231451d ago

Vgchartz under tracks Ps4 sells.Also even with Xbox One out selling Ps4 in November Ps4 still out sold it WW.

funkybudda1451d ago


same can be said of the Xbox fanboy like you, asking for a REAL sales number and you probably will bring up November's sales number and dodge the real question.

1448d ago
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jrshankill1451d ago

It depends who you ask really. All you need to know is all systems are selling exceptionally well.

The big thing to remember is software. Digital game sales are not included in software charts, which makes software sales tracking now obsolete to me. Considering I own maybe 6 discs and around 30 digital games across PS4 and Xbox One, I can't take software sales charts seriously. Granted, it gives an idea.

Madrigal1452d ago

I'll never understand why people flock to these articles. Is it for the metaphorical "ammunition" or something?

BitbyDeath1452d ago

From what I can tell it appears to be a lot of people flocking to them asking why there are a lot of people flocking to them.

IWentBrokeForGaming1452d ago

I only care about console sales because they give the best selling console more benefits with exclusive game content & primary dev support the bulk of the time!

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