Jurassic Park: Aftermath - New Beautiful Screenshots Released

The creator of Jurassic Park: Aftermath has released new images from his upcoming freeware project, showing off some of the jungle environments.

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oODEADPOOLOo1252d ago

How can this game not be getting offers for funding left and right? its a great concept and the timing is even better since movie is coming out soon.

john21252d ago

It's a one man project, and obviously there are copyrights issue (in case he decides to turn it into a commercial game).

oODEADPOOLOo1252d ago

I know just thought he would be made official offer from universal or something, the potential is great.

purpleblau1252d ago

Nice job for a one man project. However, it still looks very Crysis in terms of graphics.

Eck01252d ago

i was thinking like last gen graphics with current gen lighting .. it helps it look better.. not bad for a one man job.. i wouldnt be able to do this.. i would probably make something like E.T. on atari lmao

PersonMan1252d ago

Flat lighting model. This looks like a last-gen PC game to be honest.

wannabe gamer1252d ago

there always has to be one of these guys lol

Kidmyst1252d ago

Would like to see you make a game all by yourself that looks better.

PersonMan1251d ago

It's not up to me to make a game that looks better. I'm just stating what I'm seeing. I would not call this "beautiful". It looks rather basic.

wannabe gamer1252d ago

should just change the name to something original and do what he wants with to avoid any copyright claims or whatever

shanic771251d ago

Until we can see dinosaurs in motion, this is just another fan game that will fade away.