Eurogamer Interview: Blizzard's Mike Morhaime - He runs the world's most successful developer. But what makes him nervous?

Eurogamer writes: "Mike Morhaime is the chief executive of Blizzard Entertainment, co-founded with his college buddies Allen Adham and Frank Pearce under the name Silicon & Synapse in 1991. Over the next 17 years it built a formidable name for itself in real-time strategy (Warcraft and StarCraft), action RPG (Diablo), and more recently massively multiplayer gaming, with World of Warcraft, the proverbial golden egg that has brought in 10 million subscribers. Blizzard is known for its perfectionism, its lengthy, iterative development process, its early embrace of online multiplayer gaming, and its staunch support of the PC and even Mac as gaming platforms.

Morhaime - small, quiet, thoughtful, cautious - is the man who has held Blizzard together through multiple changes of ownership (culminating in the current merger between Vivendi and Activision) : according to his operations chief Paul Sams, Morhaime has had eight bosses, but Blizzard's internal culture has remained unchanged throughout. We sat down with him at last weekend's Worldwide Invitational convention in Paris to talk about WOW, StarCraft II, the just-announced Diablo III, where the company stands on consoles, and what, if anything, gets him worried."

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