Surprise, surprise: The Vita’s still alive

2014 was a good year for the Vita, even though many think it's dead. 2015 looks like it could be an even better year for the PlayStation brands black sheep.

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Protagonist1428d ago

"If you’re looking for those, or just high-profile triple AAA titles, then yes, you won’t enjoy your Vita"

Freedom Wars is AAA, as it probably had a high development budget.

Subenu1428d ago

True, but I have to say that there are very few AAA titles on the platform.

jujubee881427d ago

AAA in the western IP sense only. Japanese studios continue supporting w/ great+new IP's.

3-4-51427d ago

Getting Suikoden 1&2 helped a bit.

PoopsMcGee1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

The Vita has a vast and diverse library of games. Anyone buying it now will have more to catch up on than they have time to do it in, no doubt. So, I'd say it's a GREAT buy for any of those that are uninitiated.

SilentNegotiator1428d ago

But selling poorly and not getting a lot of AAA support :/

Becuzisaid1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

The best handheld system ever made. Sony could have discontinued production a year or two ago and I'd still be satisfied by my purchase. It is THE go to for ps1 games, classic PSP games, Indies and (admittedly now sparse) first party games. Add to this free ps+ games and you'll never hurt for games.

Benjammin251428d ago

So much potential though. I can't help but feel disappointed by my Vita. Not because it's a bad handheld. It isn't. But because of what it could have been.

zero_gamer1427d ago

All those PS1 games and indies are cool, but that doesn't really sell systems when you can play the indies on other consoles and devices. The sales proves this. Since you're talking about downloaded titles, prepare to spend a lot of money on higher capacity memory cards...still, or stick to using the painfully slow content manager. Either way, this device is poorly implemented and marketed.

This product is a marketing failure and on life support. Sony is only keeping it (barely) alive to protect their PR.

Becuzisaid1427d ago

Yep the memory cards suck. But I don't want to play Indies and ps1 games on my console

GokuSolosAll1428d ago

It's doing well enough. It's alive, technically, but surviving is more accurate but it has potential to thrive. Poor thing.

Subenu1428d ago

I agree, but would anyone blame Sony if they abandoned the platform? And yet, they didn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.