Top Ten Games of 2014

Kevin of Paranerds writes: "Well that was a crazy year now wasn’t it? The new consoles are still grinding their gears trying to get everyone to get them. Nintendo Wii U surprised everyone with their lineup of games and Assassin’s Creed Unity came out and made Mars Attack! popular again. So now that we’ve played most of the games of the year which would we rank as the Top Ten? Well, we here at put our snotty-little-noses together and came up with a list. The more times a game showed up the higher it went: add this with replay value or even long-term effect and it made it on the list. Keep in mind if none of us played a game we can’t say if it belongs on the list (so no Destiny or Titanfall). Well my fellow readers, here are the Top Ten Games of 2014."

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