The Christmas Question: PS4 or Xbox One?

With them being so close in hardware specs, and both currently lagging behind the Nintendo Wii U for great exclusives, and PCs for hardware, which way do you go if you're choosing between a PS4 and Xbox One this season?

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Both are great. Get a Wii U with them both if you can.

kwandar1425d ago

I'd probably tend towards the PS4, only because a larger install base guarantees the 3rd party, if I were to choose.

Problem is that I'm not sure I see anything other than a temporary price advantage in getting a PS4 or Xbox1, when you can get a far better PC.

Vidyagames1425d ago

The problem with assuming the larger install base guarantees the 3rd party is Microsoft has some deep pockets. Both sides are going to get upset when Sony and ms try to fund third party projects to get exclusives.

nucky641425d ago

I guess you don't care about missing out on playing all the great games that are exclusive to console? that would be a big problem for me - there are a LOT of great games that will never be on pc.

Illusive_Man1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Larger install base yet the attach rate is higher on Xbox One. Gamers on Xbox just outright buy more games. It was the same story on Xbox 360 last gen.

Anyway on topic. You got similar graphics with the slight edge going to PS4, better exclusives are currently available on Xbox One and all of them have tremendous replay value, Xbox One also has a $50 base price advantage plus two games and several in store offers like $70 gift card from target which can be used to buy another game if need be. Xbox One is also a far superior media device, has better online, arguably the best controller especially for shooters, and a strong exclusive lineup in 2015, Windows 10 and Dx12 on the horizon, and even deeper integration with Windows PC.

I can't fault anybody for getting a PS4 though especially if you tastes are more in line with Japanese games, the horror genre, baseball, and more indies.

Wii U is a great console but targets a different and smaller demographic. I think it's a strong companion console.

Malphite1425d ago

@nucky64: There are a lot of great games that are PC exclusive as well. Every platform has it's pros and cons. I for one am very happy with my PC + PS4 combo. I'd get a Wii-U as well if I had the time to play more games.

Ripsta7th1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

@ Illusive-man-
Wow really? The better exclusives is all about preference. Also ps4 games have sold twice as more than xbox one has. And the better controller is arguably the xbox one controller?? People that own both consoles seem to think otherwise. Also we already know dx12 wont really help xbox, its designed for PCs. The only advantage i see the xbox having atm is the price and the better selection of games it has. I still would pick a ps4 if i could choose one, however since i own the ps4 i would go for xbox 1
Edit- Nvm -_- obviously a troll

I can't fault anybody for getting a PS4 though especially if you tastes are more in line with Japanese games, the horror genre, baseball, and more indies.

PeaSFor1425d ago

the real question is, do i want to play BloodBorne or fail at life?

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Tetsujin1425d ago

Wii U

Seriously I already have a PS4, and Xbox doesn't have any games that fit my gamer needs at the moment. The Wii U has a couple of games I want and a few coming that I want to try out.

Letthewookiewin1425d ago

Ya the only game that has my interest sparked on X1 is Sunset and that's not enough for me to buy a X1. I've always bought MS systems,( Gamertag TheUpsetWookiee) but I'll be waiting till the system is really cheap with some better games.

zerog1425d ago

Me too. I already have the ps4 and just got a Wii U mario cart bundle for $175. All I'm waiting on is xmas to come so my kids can open it to play it.

Batzi1425d ago

Neither. We want a release date for MGSV.

Metallox1425d ago

In order to play it you'll need one of those, unless... you want to play it at 20FPS on 360 and PS3, or you own a nice PC.

Batzi1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

My PS4 is ready.

thehobbyist1424d ago

Objection. You don't need to own a nice PC. Look it up. People are maxing out Ground Zeroes on 4 year old hardware. People like me who own ancient cards like a 480 can still run it on console level graphics or higher.

No_Limit1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Not another one of these. Eyes rolled.

Just get what you want. I have all three and next year I would be sad to missed out on Zelda and Xenoblade x on Wii U, Uncharted and Bloodborne on PS4, and Halo 5 and Quantum Break on XB1. If you limit to just a single console, are are missing out on some great exclusives but if money is tight then just get the one you feel the strongest about. There is no one true right or wrong answer as the best and what is right is in tbe eye of the beholder. See how simple that is..why do we even need daily articles like this?

Muzikguy1425d ago

I'm not understanding articles like this either. It's like reading the same thing over and over and over again. By now if people haven't made their minds up, they will probably do so shortly. And without the "help" of this article I'm sure. I won't ever buy all the consoles. I just stick to one because that's all the time I have for it. I like to game, and enjoy them too. I don't like speed running and sometimes there's a game that can keep me involved for months or even years! The years part hasn't happened lately and probably why I've been getting irritated by the lack of "good" games that can do that.

Diablo 1, 2, Battlefield 2, and a few others kept me occupied for years. It's hard to find those experiences again :/

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