Killer Instinct getting festive with limited-time accessories

Orchid, Combo, and Sabrewulf are gearing up for the holidays in their new limited time Christmas gear.

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drcoolio3451128d ago

Sabrewulf with a shiny red nose is best Sabrewulf, just sayin'.

Eonjay1127d ago

And suddenly I have a reason to buy an Xbox One :) Just sayin'

neocores1127d ago

If all you needed was this to get you to buy an xbox one lol. WoW.

Eonjay1127d ago

lol well no, but I am suggesting that I have a thing for girls in sexy Christmas gear. :)

Septic1127d ago

"lol well no, but I am suggesting that I have a thing for girls in sexy Christmas gear. :)"

Well you would have loved SantaCon in London a couple of weeks back. There were loads of hot Santa ladies.

I need to give KI another go. Haven't played it in ages. Typical with me and beat em ups. I play so much that I get too good for my mates. I like playing mates more than people online in the long run.

t-hall7851127d ago

This game is awesomsauce. I'm sorryand I know i defy the fighting game gods when i say this but, this game is better than usfiv. Keep it quiet though. I'd hate to ruffle any feathers.

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blakstarz1127d ago

I love the game but its pretty irritating that they slowly trickle down the new characters and arenas.
Wish they had an option to just get everything in one shot.

xX1NORM1Xx1127d ago

I really wanted the sabre wolf reindeer hat but it's £4 I brought sabrewolf for like £5-6 I think so there was no way I was getting it maybe it's because I don't play it much just a casual fighting game fan. That said its a great game I never played the originals but this one is fantastic I think the characters are priced perfectly it's just the accessories but they are only cosmetic so it's not a big deal I might get the complete edition currently £36 for both seasons cause I do love playing it