Invokers Tournament: The PS4's First True Free-To-Play MOBA?

Over the past several years we have witnessed the rise of the MOBA, a mongrel video game genre that now captivates tens of millions on a daily basis.

Why, then, has it taken so long for a DOTA-style MOBA to appear on consoles? TheSixthAxis takes a look at developer StormBASIC's attempt at popularising the genre on PlayStation platforms.

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KillerResistance1451d ago

it's a pay-to-win moba, u buy health pots outside the game with real money, and there is no last hitting or minions, you tank tower to destroy it

JsonHenry1451d ago

Anyone else think that this was a Dota2 tournament when you first read the name????

creatchee1451d ago

I'm kinda interested to see how this (PS4) and Smite (Xbox One) are received, as they will be the first (to my knowledge) MOBA's on their respective consoles. I wouldn't mind trying one or both because I've never been able to check out a MOBA on my computer due to it not being a gaming rig.

il-JumperMT1451d ago

Lol Its an abomination that shouldn't. Ther are only 2 F2P MOBAS. HON and DOTA2. All other MOBAS are PAY TO WIN

saint_seya1450d ago

Lol is not pay to win, you can get all in lol with in game money, you have to grind yeah, but still you can. And its the most popular moba 4 a reason..

il-JumperMT1450d ago

Amusing how you named LoL. LoL is definition of pay to win moba for bads who cannot even denie creeps. Buy champions with real money to get advantage. No one cares if you can unlock them with grind. I can pay and win instantly.

KillerResistance1450d ago

@il-JumperMT i can use a 450 IP champion and rekt a 6300 IP champion in-lane... it matters on skill, not how much the champion costs. Idiot, even a Dota 2 player should know that.

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