Officially-licensed Full HD PlayStation 4 Monitor from Hori gets U.S. release date and more info

The release date and other new details are now available for the officially-licensed Full HD PlayStation 4 Monitor from Hori.

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Vidyagames1129d ago

If it's under $200, this looks amazing

miyamoto1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

I really think that Sony should come up with a slim & portable PS4 laptop clamshell form factor with built in Bravia screen. These will surely turn heads.

Like these:

You can bring it anywhere you go!

alexg5871129d ago

Sorry but that is one ugly piece of shit

fenome1129d ago

I honestly don't see the point of this when you can just get a Vita...

crazychris41241129d ago

If the Vita had an hdmi out then this product would be almost useless to most people traveling. No need to have it since most hotels have TVs with hdmi ports.

fenome1127d ago

I just don't see the use of it either way, when me and my wife travel we just bring along the PS4 because we always make sure our room has a good an HDTV and a jacuzzi tub, those are our essentials along the way. lol

I'm just not really sure who this is aimed at or what the purpose of it is, because for the same price now you could get a bigger screen...if it was somehow cordless, I could see the point but either way the monitor and the ps4 both have to be hardwired to outlets..why not just get an actual screen? 11.5" is insufficient for something that's not a handheld..

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