Activists focused on GTAIV? FCC indecency complaints plummet

Ars Technica: "Consumer complaints to the Federal Communications Commission about broadcaster indecency or obscenity dropped substantially in the third quarter of 2007, the agency reported yesterday. They declined from 4,368 in the second quarter to a mere 368 in July through September of last year. That's a dive of exactly 4,000 registered grumblings. There were just 100 in July, 119 in August, and 149 in September.


My theory (and I'm not alone here) is that, starting in the summer of 2003, the big decency groups accelerated their action alert campaigns, targeting specific shows and urging consumers to file with the FCC. They also began putting pressure on the Commission to count protests in ways that would boost indecency complaint stats. The two groups that led the charge in these areas were (and still are) the Parents Television Council (PTC) and Concerned Women for America (CWFA)."

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