Yet Another Review Site Reviews: RooGoo (XBLA)

Y.A.R.S. Writes: "I'll warn you now that this review is going to be pretty short. The reason for this is that there isn't an awful lot you can say about most Xbox live arcade games, as most of them lack variation at the best of times. Even the mighty sonic the hedgehog basically consists of running through level after level in the same manner as the last, with only the background really changing. This brings me to the latest game I have been tasked with reviewing, RooGoo.

The game's premise is surprisingly complex for such a simple and infantile game. Apparently the roo people were happily living off some form of outer space rocks, until a greedy king decided he needed it all for himself and half of the population decided to follow him and turn a decidedly s*** like shade of brown. Your task as one of the 'good guys' is to harvest this strage outer space substance so that you can use it to somehow save the planet from certain destruction."

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