LittleBigPlanet install is "about a gig," says Media Molecule

VG247: Media Molecule boss David Smith's just confirmed that LittleBigPlanet will come with a mandatory install, but that it won't be as heavy as many other PS3 titles.

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zen_fart3814d ago

once home and this game hits ps3 im going to be in heaven! i cant wait to make a level full of people i know and lots of big wangs.

unsunghero283814d ago

Seriously. I'm hoping that Sony will give us something to download at E3. That would be totally kickass.

Although I don't have any LBP wang creation on my agenda...

Chris Bosh3814d ago

I dont know,
for some reason it looks so hard.
makin your own levels,dont know what to put in it.

spectyre3814d ago

That's the beauty of LBP, even if you aren't the creative type, you'll still be able to enjoy other peoples creations.

Vojkan3814d ago

So what if there is install, does it really bother folks that much or is it just another fake thoery invented by xbox fanboys?
MGS4 install didnt bother me one bit.

kewlkat0073814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

now that gamer that can't afford to upgrade his 20 model might be fuming. That's if they have more than games on there like video/music and such.

I guess this is the trend, it's now time for Plan B.

Upgrade your HDD.

ucantbanme3814d ago

I have a serious question for honest people.
If it was the xbox 360 that required these game installs, Would you veiw this as bad thing.

Please be honest in your answers.

iHEARTboobs3814d ago

I wouldn't view it as a bad thing. But i'm not a fanboy. Fan of the PS3 but not what one would consider a fanboy. Or at least not yet. Generally speaking though i don't see them as a bad thing.

Jerkapotamus3814d ago

Xbox 360 installs would be a very bad thing because some don't even have a hard drive, meaning some 360 owners wouldn't be able to even play the game. Moreover, the hard drive is not as easy to upgrade as the Ps3's. You can only go as high as 120 GB, but even then, you're getting ripped off compared to the price of the replacement PS3 hard drives.

The PS3, on the other hand, has a hard drive in ever console and is easy to upgrade to a higher GB hard drive at a fair price. That is why mandatory installs on the PS3 are okay, but not on the 360.

deeznuts3814d ago

ucantbanme, yes it would be a bad thing actually. Why? Because a HDD isn't standard on the 360! Ooooooohhhh!

A mandatory requirement that isn't supported by all variations of a product, cannot be good, can it?

EDIT: damn you jerkopotamus, damn you! You beat me by a few seconds. :D

crck3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I would not consider it a bad thing if these 2 conditions were met.

1. It made the game experience better.

2. If MS didn't charge a ridiculous price for a hard drive upgrade. 120 gb for $180 is $1.50 a GB. A PS3 250 GB hard drive is $90. That is $.36 a GB. See the difference? Ms is charging over 4 times as much per GB.

kewlkat0073814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Anything that helps is not a bad thing.

But regardless the 360 or PS3, nobody every said it was going to be the trend or mandatory. I just don't remember reading that before these consoles came out.

In that case why do we need the blu-Ray? or big Optical disk? if games could be installed on HDD's as they do on PC which will help Load times. Now some of the game is installed not the whole thing but when we are looking at 5 gig installs, it just tells you consoles are going towards the PC model.

I do not see it getting smaller. I think MS's deal with the 360 was to under-cut the PS3 price strategy by offering a 360 without HDD and giving you a choice of 3 consoles. Now if you know what the deal is with the Arcade Model 360, then you should not complain.(You know what your getting)You should save your money and get the Full Xbox 360 from the start. Then again MS is raping gamers on the HDD price.

PJF_Josh3814d ago

it would actually be a problem on the 360 since they don't all have a hard drive.

my honest answer, i'd have no problem with mandatory installs on the 360. this is just me because of my situation. i bought s 60Gb PS3 at launch and two months later upgraded the hard drive to 160Gb (i've since bumped that to 320Gb). when i bought my 360 a year ago, it was because the elite had just recently come out. i had been interested in playing the halo games, gears, bioshock and the xbla stuff but there was no way i was going to do that with a 20Gb hard drive. i'm a media whore and i'd fill it up within hours. the 120gb option was very attractive to me.

with this generation of machines and all the downloadable content available, large hard drives are a must (for me at least). considering the push of the xbox live marketplace and the new video store coming to the ps3 selling a system with a 20, 40 or no HD is just insane. at least that's my take on it.

ucantbanme3814d ago

I meant if everything was equal, including the HDD situation.
I just feel like Sony fanboys sweep these little issues under the rug and bash the 360 for the same small issues.

Xbox fanboys do the same things so please don't miss understand me.

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LiquifiedArt3814d ago

Considering its basically a Level Editor. :)

This game is gonna make history.

AllroundGamer3814d ago

well you can add the textures and objects, which will probably be on the HDD, so you don't have to wait long when browsing through the list of content. And definitely agree, that this game will make history.

avacadosnorkel3814d ago

it would have got rid of the screen tearing

steck673814d ago

Yea, although I didnt really experience any screen tearings when I was playing the game, maybe because the game looks so good that I never really noticed it, I just saw right through it.

DJ3814d ago

Installs just put data (3d models, textures, scripting, animation, etc) on the hard drive for instantaneous access. Pretty important as textures and models take up a LOT of space.

instantstupor3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I can't say I remember running into any unacceptable level of screen tearing during my play-through though. Maybe I just didn't pick up on it, not really sure. If it did happen, it wasn't eye stabbingly jarring or anything.

On a side note, I wanted to play through Uncharted again, but now that I know Trophies are coming for it I'm waiting...Hurry up ND! I mean, take your time and get it right, but...ya know...hurry up! Please.

Oh, and as for the 1 GB install, I'm good. I've got quite a few game data chunks on my PS3, 10 GB allocated to Linux (which I never use, have to reformat I just don't want to deal with it until I have to), and like 10 movies encoded in DivX and still have at least 5-7 GB free.

My hard drive was attacked by the ferocious fours: Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft a 4 GB average per game. I mean, it's worth it, but at the same time Oi!

beavis4play3814d ago

i didn't experience any tearing. heard a few people say this. and there's a lot of low-end hdtvs out there.

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the_hill_king3814d ago

there was no tearing for me

DJ3814d ago

See a screen tear-like effect during fast camera moves/actions, which is why some reviews say Game A has tons of screen tearing and others say Game A has hardly any.

It's the reason I play my titles in 720p. Gotta get a 1080p set someday though...

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