OXM UK: The Bourne Conspiracy Review - Warning: may stimulate bad memories leading to homicidal thoughts

OXM UK writes :"Tom Clancy's probably not an author who sweats very much, we'd imagine - hard to ruffle, like a well-tucked sheet on a submariner's bunk.

With successful game franchises in Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six to carry on his good name, Robert Ludlum's posthumous game foray is not going to break out enough salty Clancy sweat to keep a single Zooplankton alive.

Which is not to say that The Bourne Conspiracy is totally without merit, but from the start it's clear that this is one for the casual gamer club, rabid fans of the franchise (despite Matt Damon floating overboard from this mission), and misguided parents with a teenage birthday on the horizon."

-Autosaves well placed
-Good-looking levels

-Only five hours long
-Dull 'reaction play'
-Formulaic fighting

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