With Controversy Comes Increased Online Traffic to Torture Game

GamePolitics reports: "When violent video game controveries flare, it's often said that critics are unintentionally increasing traffic to the game in question.

Such appears to be the case with The Torture Game 2."

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Blackmoses3789d ago

Well it's a flash game and it's free, but parents should monitor what their children are accessing online.
And it really shouldn't be any big surprise that there are sicko's out there that would actually enjoy stuff like this. Comes to no surprise to me.


MK_Red3789d ago

lol, I really liked the game. Pretty fun and simple mechanics to torture. Wish the rating systems and media weren't such a**es and we could have full games with stuff like that on consoles and in big budget games.
Also, if a person thinks playing or liking this game makes someone insane or a psycho killer, that person is the one that should go to a doctor and check his mentality.

Tempist3789d ago

So virtual torture demands action where as actual torture and waterboarding of real people does not?

Yeah it's a really stupid game and very juvenile, but of the people who have played it what % of them are actually going to go out and do it.

What about all those people who torture for sexual pleasure? Shouldn't they be classified as the worst people, along with their willing partners?

I also like how the studies have been happening for 50 years, in which 30 of them (3/5ths, more than 50%) would have been based off of TV and Movies than Video games.