Was GTA IV Homophobic? wrote: "I just heard the special GTA IV podcast and it really got me thinking. Lono's reaction to the Bernie character especially seemed to hit home. Lono was slightly upset that Bernie was too much of a stereotype, a token feminine gay man, and indeed he is. His character is incredibly stereotyped, even Elton John would struggle to attain Bernie's level of gayness, but is this really a problem?"

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Superfragilistic3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Niko treats Bernie just the same as anybody else. Despite his initial shock that his army pal's batting for the other team, he remains a loyal friend and doesn't judge him based on sexuality.

Did these guys play the game? Or are they just easily offended by a game that characterises based on stereotypes? What's next... Jamaicans outraged at Little Jacob's portrayal?

LGFreedom3814d ago

I swear that the majority of N4G posters never even read the article...

You just pwned yourself Superfragilistic.

GamerSigma3814d ago

Superfragilistic didn't even read the article.... just another N4G troll.


Superfragilistic3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Actually I did read the article.

My first sentence answers the question similarly to the author and my second sentence is referring largely to Lono's reaction on the podcast to which this article is based and to a lesser extent the author's comments about French Tom.

"As I said, I am completely fine with Bernie; French Tom on the other hand bothers me. Again it’s not so much the character himself, it’s the fact that both of the openly homosexual characters you meet are effeminate and completely helpless."

That would be a double "pwn"! :)

LGFreedom3814d ago

That is not at all clear in your first post... Way to cover yourself though!

Superfragilistic3814d ago

All good mate. I think I just got geed up, after the similar reactions to RE5's trailer and the complaints of African Americans and Eastern Europeans about their portrayal, and as a result didn't explain myself fully. :)

I find it quite funny, and occasionally ironic, that so many people fail to realise the wholly satirical nature of Rockstar's universe and the deliberate use of stereotypes to complement that.

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project76dodo3814d ago

im in america
i hate homos and their are people who love them
its a free country

gta4 can make fun of whoever they want

white black brown asian gay

Vicophine3814d ago

GTAIV takes place in America, feel free to hate anyone or love anyone you want. I can hate gay people if I want, but I don't. Moot point.

Ninja-Sama3814d ago

He was so damn annoying. Typical homo.