New Real-Time Screenshot of Star Ocean 4

Two new screenshots of Star Ocean: The Last Hope have proven to be real-time, and they are both very impressive. One of the screenshots is new and shows how exploration looks like in the game. In addition to the screenshots new art has been released by Square Enix.

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PS360PCROCKS3818d ago

I hate JRPG's but this looks impressive indeed, really colorful.

green3818d ago

JRPG version of Mass Effect.

DarthTigra 3818d ago

awesome is a understatment,this is my most anticapated rpgthat is untill they announce kotor 3:)

meepmoopmeep3818d ago

care to explain why it's the JRPG version of Mass Effect?

INehalemEXI3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Star Ocean has been around alot longer then Mass Effect and the story line in SO3 puts ME story line to shame IMO.

CaptainHowdy3818d ago

if that's in-game....that's CRAZY!!!

gaffyh3818d ago

Yeah looks good, kinda like Infinite Undiscovery/White Knight Story kinda graphics.

I don't expect this to sell too well on the 360, the 360 audience (for the most part) is people who only like FPS/Shooters, not your standard JRPG. I'll still get this for 360, but the only reason is because it is coming out earlier than the PS3 version (and I expect other dual/triple console owners will do the same if they want this game).

LaChance3818d ago

But...but...isnt the 360 maxed out already ?

To all the fake analysts on N4G :

Look at those IN GAME screen shots and NEVER come back here again.

Since when is a console maxed out 1 year after coming out ?

Looking better than I would ever have expected.

CaptainHowdy3818d ago

lachance what are you talking about? Halo came out in 07! Tee-Hee

games4fun3818d ago

did you actually go to the website and look at the pics or did you think the pic they used at the top is actually in-game? that pic is obviously a cut scene(not because of how it looks but the camera angle its using is obviously a cut-scene) so that's out, next there are 3 pics left. The pic on the left is concept and even has a completely white background, again not in-game. The pic on the right is underwhelming and looks like a UT map design with a little more color not that impressive either. And finally the middle pic, it does look good and it is impressive the only problem i have with it is the game will look 15%-30% worse, because the middle picture is obviously touched up. If i'm wrong i'll say so, in fact i was wrong one other time on this site and i posted my apology then too. Also where is the selection menu? Dont act like SO doesnt have one i actually played star ocean before.

I also find it funny that is saying in-game with no proof and the developers havent officially said anything i think its viral marketing to be honest.

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360 man3818d ago

wow xbox 360, talk about technical power house

well at least now sony fanboys can stop throwing final fantasy 13 in our faces.

this will be better

u got owned3818d ago

I dont think it will be better, but pretty close to been better.

game on!!!

INehalemEXI3818d ago

SO4 Looks good yet not near as good as FF13 or Versus. Texture comparison of this new shots vs old FF13 shots show the older FF13 shots wins easily. FF13 is one of those games that will set a new benchmark. SO games while good as well have not really ever been that game that pushes limits.

Anythings possible yet I see no shots on par with FF13 yet.

CaptainHowdy3818d ago

that's some logic...with FF's pedigree u wanna make a bold statement like that. Even that 1 minute of footage of FF13 and FF13vs. trumps this. Dont get me wrong, Star Ocean is a good series, but never over Final Fantasy.

kazuma3818d ago

i just wanna say, AWESOME comparison since we have no concrete evidence so far of what's in-game and what's not in final fantasy 13..........

NO_PUDding3818d ago

Isn't this still shaky in terms of exclusivity?

Even if it wasn't, it clearly is enough, to not warrant sayign the 360 is a powerhosue over the PS3.

All of the true stunners have been on the PS3. Uncharted, MGS4, Rachet and CLank..... 360 only has GeoW, and that is just Unreal Engine.

DethWish3818d ago

Stupid people.. FF have never been about graphics.. FFVII is still the best game made, I wonder why??

CrazzyMan3818d ago


But SO4 looks great, first nextgen JRPG on x360 coming in 2009, not bad, after 4 years.. =))

mirroredderorrim3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

This will be better than Final Fantasy XIII? Dead relatives are laughing at you. And.. after a few moments I will be as well.

Final Fantasy is their flagship series as well as Dragonquest (don't ask me why it appeared on DS).
I expect Final Fantasy XIII to look better than all of their games, until after completion. That includes Star Ocean IV. I like Star Ocean but not as much as DQ and FF or SO1 for SFC. You have probably seen more of Star Ocean IV than Final Fantasy XIII, myself included.

They have shown very little of Final Fantasy XIII, within the last 1 and a half to two years, they have shown us next to nothing. That alone is why I am betting this game is going to have more detail than most games out. Square has always been about detail in their games, subtleties if you will, that can leave a game looking a bit more refined and polished.

@People shooting their mouths off about hating JRPGS, don't click links to articles about them.
It's that simple. Pretend you're blind when you see an article or add about a JRPG.

Edit#2: I went offtopic... This game looks very impressive. I'd go as far as calling it the first true next gen rpg, but it won't be the best or the last. ;-)

Silver3603818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

FFXIII will look good, but it is all about story and game play. FF has bored the crap out of me since 7. FF6 was the best not 7 and after 7 it has been all down hill. I really hope Sqaure/enix bring their A game with FFXIII. Just tired of long ho hum story with characters no one cares about.With Star Ocean at least you know they are going to everything but the kitchen sink in it to make it a fun game. And to be honest best RPG ever was Chronotrigger!

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power of Green 3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Based on these pics there is no reason to think this gas station screenshot isn't exploration too(the tree would be much better looking if the devs were to go through the trouble to make CGI like this and get lazy on a tree ;)

This game is visually impressive read both pages.

With the E3 I think MSFT is going to have I'm surprized they are able *for the most part* keep us all in the dark.

Dark_Vendetta3818d ago

why do they show us so small pictures? I think it would look far more impressive without this sh*t compression. Still looking really good

Skerj3818d ago

That's freaking gorgeous, I hope they get a better story for this one. The last 3 were awesome for gameplay, storywise. ..not so much. Also I hope crafting, cooking, inventing, and the other mini systems return. Oh and pickpocketing from SO2.

360 man3818d ago

it really is juuken in it

juuken3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

I said the game is impressive. I don't necessarily hate the 360. I just bash it because it ought to be more reliable and Live should be free. But it does have some good games. Even a gamer couldn't deny that.
And for the record, I'm getting a 360 so I'll enjoy this game and FFXIII. I just tend to be more of a Sony/Nintendo supporter.

360 man3818d ago

totally understandable