We're in for a record breaking generation

Is this generation set to break records? So far every major hardware maker has had a two generation reign, the NES, SNES and the PS1 and PS2. And the most powerful console has never won the war. If Sony manages to pull a win out of its increasingly shrinking hat then Sony will become synonymous with gaming and it is unlikely we will ever see anyone else dent their armour.

No hardware manufacturer has ever won two console wars...

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Isaac3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"And the most powerful console has never won the war. "

NES was the most powerful console when it came out and that is why it was able to create many new genre. SNES was the most powerful of its generation, and Genesis was comparable anyway. PS1 had comparable capabilities to the Saturn, and N64 was restricted to cartridge and certain types of code that limited its potential, so again PS1 was not garbage compared to N64, and all machines were similar in that they contained the same amount of buttons. PS2 was similar in capabilities to Gamecube and Xbox, the controllers were very similar. So its games were not gimped. In fact, Dreamcast and Gamecube games were gimped due to the poor choice of formats, even though the gamecube was more powerful than the PS2, and the Dreamcast was easy to develop for; they also made the mistake of making poor excuses for a next-gen controller, as the Gamecube controller lacked a trigger and the Dreamcast lacked two. So even if the winners were not leaps and bounds above its competitors, they were comparable and so gamers won, not console manufacturers.

This time though, as the Wii is winning, it is significantly inferior in pretty much all aspects of gaming. So if Nintendo wins this time, it would be like step back in gaming. However, this is also a generation where the one that sells the most does not necessarily gets the most wanted games. Wii has nothing on 360 let alone PS3. Both 360 and PS3 will be neck and neck as they both have lots of games and will keep competing. To me, Nintendo is dead as far as the console industry goes, since they turned their back on us and the Wii is an insult to every thinking gamers` intelligence.

Whoever counts Neo-Geo, 3DO and Jaguar should reconsider posting in a gaming forum, since those platforms had little or no support by the industry. They lost not because they were the most powerful, they would not have been supported even if they were less powerful. They were not supported because the Atari had a piss poor hardware design, both internal and for the controller, and also because they did not know how to make games apparently, or forgot how to. Same with Panasonic, and SNK only knew how to make fighting games and side-scrollers.

A good console wins because it has lots of games with quality, variety, diversity and innovation, and also because it does not screws its consumers of last generations with controllers that can not play the legacy, let alone they keep making games for the core audience.

Power facilitates innovation in the area of simulation. A gimmick will only go so far as to change the method of input, but the visual feedback or output will keep being the same. Nintendo forgot that hardcore gamers care a lot about how games output and give feedback to the player more than the input the player has to give. Casuals do not even care about the output, only the input they give while they are drunk, so Nintendo might have as well given them a game that does not even require you a TV and it would have still sold.

unsunghero283792d ago

"...the Wii is an insult to every thinking gamers` intelligence."

Jesus man, what did Nintendo do to you? Were you beaten with an SNES as a child? I mean good lord, WHY DO YOU SO INTENSELY HATE NINTENDO? And do you realize how incredibly biased and opinionated you come off as? I get the idea that you're trying to seem logical and to adequately prove a point, but so far all I can see is PS3 fanboy drivel- and this comes from someone who HAS a PS3!

And let me be honest about something: I care very little about graphics. Most people I know care very little about graphics. I'm not going to argue that games like Anubis II are anything close to adequate, but I consider the graphics Brawl or Super Mario Galaxy quite adequate because the gameplay (and, for that matter, the art direction) in each game is so good.

Finally, allow me to say taht I hardly think you're qualified to represent the "thinking gamer" seeing as your comments have more grammatical errors than the PS3 has bells and whistles. Which is to say, quite a few.

pwnamon3792d ago

"Whoever counts Neo-Geo, 3DO and Jaguar should reconsider posting in a gaming forum, since those platforms had little or no support by the industry. "

Ummm, hello? My whole point is that they were too powerful.

SilPho3792d ago

Poorly written article.

"No hardware manufacturer has ever won two console wars. The Playstation 1 and 2 dominated the last two wars"
Contradict yourself much?

"Although [the 360] is a remarkable piece of hardware it doesn’t have the install base to win the war and so it is pretty much a two horse race between Sony and Nintendo."

Last I checked the 360's install base was well above the PS3's. (Ignoring current sale trends)

Isaac3792d ago

How convenient

"(Ignoring who launched first)"

How convenient

highdro3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

bs, history canges and what happens in the past stays in the past, u will not know who will this console war till the next gen console comes out.

Vizion263792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

You don't see Nintendo fanboys on this board going on 360 and PS3 forums bashing it, do you?

Look, Nintendo wants the Wii to be for Everybody, not just elitist, snobby, core gamers like Isaac who thinks high tech graphics are the end all and be all of gaming. The Wii is not a niche product like the PS3 and 360. The Wii is pulling gamers of all kings -- the outcome of Nintendo's Blue Ocean strategy. Maybe if you (Isaac) weren't so narrow-minded and self-centered you would be able to see the big picture - not everyone has the same taste as you.

If Nintendo made a HD console it would have cost more which would be out of the reach of the mass market. Moreover, production of games would be higher which would make it harder for developers to take chances in terms of novel ideas with their games.

Some of the most innovative games have been on the Wii because of the controller. Zack and Wiki, Lost Winds, Wario Ware, Elebits and even Wii Sports. Those games couldn't be played on any other console and it didn't require HD graphics and billions of polygons.

I am in agreement with Will Wright when he said "The only next gen system I've seen is the Wii – the PS3 and the Xbox 360 feel like better versions of the last, but pretty much the same game with incremental improvement."

Graphic capability has reached a point where it doesn't do much to innovate gameplay. Enhanced graphics are just superfluous. Can you really tell me that Halo 3 is much different than Halo 2? Or Devil May Cry 4 is much differen than its predecessor?

iHEARTboobs3792d ago

"not everyone has the same taste as you"

Most people wouldn't consider Wii owners as "hardcore" gamers hence they're isn't many online on sites like these. I personally don't like the wii because of the quality of the games. I had fun with it but it didn't take me long to get bored. Graphics aren't everything but when you have a game with great graphics it's hard to take a step back which is what the wii did. The controller was a good idea by the Wii. I think the xbox and playstation should use it next gen or maybe even this one, but to center a console around it, that I couldn't do.

Vizion263792d ago

If you don't like the Wii then that's cool. No console can please everyone.

The issue I have is with people sitting on their high horse consistently bashing the WIi on this site. It's one thing to be a fanboy, but it's another thing when you spew hatred for a piece of machinery which makes you look irrational and immature. I don't think that kind of drivel is needed for this site.