Majesco Entertainment Announces 'Marker Man Adventures' for Nintendo DS

Majesco Entertainment
Company, an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today announced Marker Man Adventures for Nintendo DS. Developed by Glyphic Entertainment, this unique game based on drawing and physics challenges players to maneuver the charming stick figure, Marker Man, through 150 scrolling world puzzles in his attempt to find his best friend, Doodle Dog.

Players use the Touch Screen and stylus to draw geometric
shapes-including lines, circles, boxes, triangles and pivot points-to
create simple machines that help Marker Man advance through levels from
point A to point B. Gamers use logic and can collect power-ups to help
solve intricate themed puzzles set in underwater, outer space and ice
environments, among others. Three difficulty modes and hidden areas within each level present unique surprises throughout Marker Man's quest to reunite with Doodle Dog.

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