Super Mario Galaxy for Next Christmas

Wii gamers may have to wait until next Christmas before getting the chance to have a go at Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. In a recent interview with MTV News Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said Super Mario Galaxy will be launched sometime between March of next year and the following Christmas.

It was also revealed that Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will also not be released for the Wii until about March. In same interview Reggie said that between one and five titles will be added to the Virtual Console every Monday on a continuing basis.

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MicroGamer4373d ago

Wii needs Mario now. I think the long wait for Mario Sunshine on GC put a lot of people off buying it right away. Both PS3 and 360 have some nice looking games coming out before then and Wii is going to need something to keep their momentum going once PS3 gets into full production.

Dick Jones4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Cause he damn well knows it isn't coming out in March. He's the top brass at Nintendo and when his programmers tell him "Heh maybe we'll have it in March maybe December...soo piss off and run along cause it gets done depending on how many vacation days... I mean months we decide to take between now and march."
He says "okay, Sure guys I don't need to know how many days it should take to get finished. I was only asking cause you know retailers and our stock holders have been buggin me cause they atleast like to know what Season it might come out in. But sorry to trouble you."

Cut through all the Bull and we're left with being lucky to get it for next Xmas, but don't count on it.

r10004373d ago

I was really looking forward to Mario on the Wii... WTH this sux big times....

eddie144373d ago

they do this not to hurt you, but to increase sales...why would mario come out in spring, when you could get that extra holiday boost...

ImpossibleFFS4373d ago

.. lying.^^ You can get it after 3 months, but it can take a whole year too! Instead of it's coming 3rd March and in February It's coming 20th May etc.

commadore654373d ago

Then it will sell reguardless of holiday boost. There are some games that most owners of that console will get.

Zelda for instance, how many people who are familiar with nintendo fanchises (assuming granny groggins really does buy a wii) Aren't going to get that game.

The same thing applies to Mario, bar the people who don't think the game is cool enough.

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