Dark AleX releases experimental PspStates plugin for PSP Slim

Anyone who has ever spent some time playing on an emulator knows what a savestate is. They're useful and can be invaluable when you're in a very difficult area of a game, but commercial games and consoles don't usually support the savestate feature.

All that may change if this new experimental plugin from Dark AleX proves feasible. The plugin itself is called PspStates and, as you may have guessed from the title, it lets you create savestates while playing games on your PSP Slim. It was originally thought to be included in CFW 4.00 M33, but Dark AleX says that PspStates was never intended to be released as part of M33CFW but as a standalone plugin instead.

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zen_fart3818d ago

dark alex rules. if sony was smart they would hire this guy.

jkoz3818d ago

Definitely. Him and his team are making more worthwhile updates than Sony is, now. Really says something about the PSP support. If only we had DivX support in FW 4.0...

JoelR3818d ago

If Alex is smart he would never admit to being the creator of hacks on PS hardware. Sony has a 100 million dollar lawsuit waiting for him.

PR0F3TA3818d ago

JoelR got it right...

its like a catch-22, PSP i def worthwile with the hacks

Stryfeno13818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Does anyone knows if IR Shell works with CFW 4.01 m33-2?

ChrisGTR13818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

ahh this guy should drop the psp and move onto the ps3. i seriously wana start downloadin emulators and ps3 games onto the hdd.
how cool would that be.. you rent a game and copy it to the hdd play it when ever. id defenetly would get a 320 gig hdd for that.

instantstupor3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

I do not want custom firmware that would allow you to back-up and play PS3 games. I do, however, like the idea of CFW that would allow you to play classics like NES and Genesis games, support homebrew apps, and so on.

I mean look at the PSP market - you can't deny it is in, if nothing else, an interesting and precarious position. Hardware sales are through the roof, but software sales aren't catching up all. I like the PSP and want good content to keep coming to it, but I fear that developers are waffling on developing for it because they have to look at the ratio of sales to downloads and seeing money just flying out the window.

I do not want to see the PS3 succumb to the same fate. You think we'd get games like MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet and so on if they thought they would lose half their sales? I don't think PS3 game backups would gain as much steam since PSP games are like 200 MB - 1.8 GB and you can download those fast enough. PSP has a very easy way to keep the content, a slot for very easily changing memory, can compress it to save space and so on.

PS3 games would be no less than 10 GB, take forever to download and I don't think most people would take the risk of bricking their PS3. I think less people would upgrade hard drives because, even though it's easy, it's not just like sticking a MemStick in a PSP.

Even though I don't think it would be *as much* of a problem, I still don't even want to see if it is. As much as I love ya Dax (and homebrew community) for all you've done to make the PSP more versatile than I ever thought possible, if you do make CFW for the PS3 please -- LEAVE GAME BACKUP SUPPORT OUT!

ChrisGTR13818d ago

i think your over exagerating. the 360 has piracy on it but it hasnt stopped the exclusives from being released. the thing about psp is that its a portable so therefore its a secondary method of revenue. home consoles is where its at and i dont see them stopping console ports cause of piracy.

mirroredderorrim3818d ago

The PSP and Dark_AleX are the reasons I'm not board, waiting in 50 people+ lines, and I never will again.

f7897903817d ago

At a store? If its that bad order online. No reason to pirate games. Still buy them legitimately online.

Egzekutor3818d ago

You fuking why are you advertising those hack ?

Youre a stupid fuk.