Game Vortex reviews Space Invaders Extreme (95/100)

Robert Perkins writes:

''Thirty years ago, America was invaded by little men from space. Little digital 8-bit men who marched across the screen, then lowered, reversed direction and sped up. I am, of course, referring to Space Invaders, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. To celebrate, those pesky Space Invaders have returned and are invading the PSP in Space Invaders Extreme.

Space Invaders Extreme is not just the original game ported to the PSP; it's a celebration of the original game. Instead of dragging such a wonderful 8-bit game kicking and screaming into 3D, they left it in its 2D glory. However, the Invaders have evidently realized that they are only 2D and occasionally use this to their advantage by turning "sideways", leaving only a single line exposed to your gunfire. This game features the same 8-bit pixelated sprites found in Space Invaders, but plays with scale. In some rounds, you'll face large Invaders that are about the size of six or eight normal invaders. There are also tiny Invaders that appear in a block of four and all together take up the space of one Invader. At the end of each level, there is a fight against a boss Invader, which can be something like 35 times the size of a normal enemy, taking up almost an eighth of the screen.''

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