2K tricked into confirming GTAIV on PC?

CVG: Customer support team says something it probably shouldn't...

We'll warn you to take this with a pinch of salt right now as Rockstar won't comment on it at all. But it wouldn't surprise us at all to see the game coming to PC, it's been heavily rumoured already, but to get the news out of a customer support team? That's just silly...

The story goes that a couple of guys emailed the support team saying they were having problems with their surround sound while they were playing the PC version. "The first person driving view is simply amazing and the Nico Bellic character really makes me feel like I'm living the storyline. So much so that I feel bad in finding something to complain about, that being the surround sound. At times the back left speaker cuts out, specially when characters like little Jacob are speaking. Also when I call 911, the automated response starts, but cuts out when I am given emergency options."

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PS360PCROCKS3816d ago

eh. who cares? GTA with a keyboard and mouse? oOo that's my idea of fun!

Fishy Fingers3816d ago

Playstation or xbox pads are available to use on the PC, I'm sure GTA would support either.

PS360PCROCKS3816d ago

yes but PC gamers are retarded and always say how much better the keyboard and mouse are you really think they will buy an xbox controller?