Gaming Age reviews Arkanoid DS

Dustin Chadwell reports:

''Arkanoid is a game that definitely has visible roots to the original video game, Pong, but is probably more familiar to gamers by another name, that one being Breakout. At least that's the case for me, and again, like Space Invaders, this is a game that I originally played on the old Atari systems, or at least variations of it.

The concept is incredibly simple, you just move your paddle (officially referred to as a VAUS) across the bottom of the screen, deflecting a small ball towards the top where it will break apart a series of multi-colored bricks, and then bounce back towards you to repeat the step over again. Each brick is worth a different amount of points depending on the color, and you can only advance to the next stage by clearing the current one of all bricks.''

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