Where’s Wollay and What Did He Do With Cube World?

(CriticalIndieGamer) Back before it was the all-encompassing beast that it is today, Minecraft, as fun as it was, lacked a lot of features. Players longing for quests, loot, RPG elements and deep combat were left wanting. Little did they know that a lone German developer was working on the answer to all of their prayers; a game that borrowed the best aspects from Minecraft – the procedural generation and adventuring – but imbued them with a bright, cheery aesthetic, a loot system and difficult Diablo-style battles. Cube World had silently been in production since 2011, but it instantly captured the hearts and minds of many gamers. It appeared to have a deeper focus on combat and adventuring, with building merely an aside to the game proper, further igniting the interests of the “creatively challenged”. Within hours of posting the game’s debut screenshots, Wollay was inundated with queries from eager new fans, itching to get their hands on it. Against his better judgement the developer eventually caved-in to demands for a release, and on July 2nd 2013 he launched Cube World Alpha.

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