Jolt reviews Singstar:Volume 2

Jolt reports:

''Clearly in Sony's desire to elevate the PlayStation 3 to the UK's console of choice, it's willing to make some sacrifices. The SingStar series – popular mainstay of the ageing PS2 and arguably one of the franchises still propping it up – is being brought across wholesale to the current generation. The initial reasoning was solid: the series has always been crying out for downloadable content and the PS3 was able to provide it.

Perhaps Sony doesn't feel its job is quite done yet, either because it isn't happy with the initial uptake of SingStar PS3 or because it feels people aren't quite getting the idea of not needing to buy tracks in bulk add-on form. Whatever the reason, we now have SingStar Vol. 2, offering another collection of 30 unrelated tracks that at best you might enjoy 50% of. That said, this collection of safe, well known chart singles from the past four decades is sure to go down well at parties, and if you're canny you can pick it up for less than £20, making it actually pretty good value, relatively speaking.''

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