Many PS3 owners complain of Firmware 2.40 freezes

VG247: A bevy of threads has popped up on the US PlayStation boards showing Firmware 2.40 is causing what appears to be a slew of lock-ups.

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Ashta3817d ago

This only happens -every- firmware update. Hardly news.

Condoleezza Rice3817d ago

I was about to state the exact same thing ^

chasuk083817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

If this is true its down to whiny little babies who cant wait for a firmware update, which forces Sony to realese it early before its fully tested and when a bug crops up everyone complains about it.

HighDefinition3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Will be out sooner than later.

edit: my Ps3 is fine.

Pornlord3817d ago

that every time we hear of these "Mass Freezes" no one on this site gets bricked. Isn't that odd? With all the people all over the world who log onto this site it's few and far between that any of us even know someone that gets effected.

I'm not saying it's not real, I'm sure it is, but either these cases are VERY isolated, or we are a lucky group of gamers.

mariusmal3817d ago

yeah blame the winny little babies that always demand more and more, when we see that sony is doing their job.

fanboys please stay clear from my comment cause i don't go brainless style like you guyz do.

mikeslemonade3817d ago

Turn off that useless yellow news bar on the top right. That should help things load faster and smoother.

aaquib53817d ago

Very true. That stupid bar ALWAYS slows things down for me. Turn that POS off and it's perfect. Why would anyone need in anyway? Get on that Internet Browser and head over to N4G for unbiased, broader news.

boodybandit3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I installed 2.4. Purchased Stardust HD addon. Played a full game, unlocked several trophies and even sent out a few messages while in game just to check out the new XMB options. Not even a hiccup. Everything was silk.

sticky doja3817d ago

Does MGS4 have trophies already?

Torch3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

But I'm also one of those guys who've experienced problem-free GTA4 gameplay.

I guess I'm just really, really lucky - along with EVERYONE else here - to NOT be a part of the infamous "slew.".

Oner3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

"VG247: a BEVY of threads has popped up on the US PlayStation boards..."

Definition of Bevy - a large group or collection

Yet when you follow the VG247 links it only shows 3 references! But wait it gets better 2 of the 3 where easily fixed

Look the truth is there will be problems with updates whether it be Sony or MS but to glamorize something out of nothing is just biased bad news propagation for either side.

morganfell3817d ago

The story needs to be REPORTED along with the submitter. for BAD EDITING. The source doesn't use the word MANY or BEVY. This is nothing more than a hopeful attack piece and needs to be treated accordingly.

boodybandit3817d ago

**The story needs to be REPORTED along with the submitter. for BAD EDITING. The source doesn't use the word MANY or BEVY. This is nothing more than a hopeful attack piece and needs to be treated accordingly.**

And as you can see it's already set a blaze.

prunchess3817d ago

I've also downloaded the new version of Tversity and it run fine with the new firmware. I have an older Euro 60gig launch model PS3. No complaints here!

ruibing3817d ago

The key is to perform the update through a land line (ethernet) instead of wireless connection to ensure integrity of the new firmware. Or download it through a computer and feed it to the PS3 through a USB flash drive.

shelbygt333817d ago

Called PS3 support and have to send it in for repairs.

This sucks.

Testo3817d ago

Why would they need to do a repair for a firmware update?

It's software not hardware dude.

I think someone on the Sony help desk is confused regarding your issue.

Silver3603817d ago

We now have the internet. So when someone complains everyone hears about it. I am sure some PS3 have frozen, just like some 360's freeze with their updates. It is never as many as people want to make it out to be. It is just that some don't work right and others jump on the bandwagon to make it seem worse than it really is.

proArchy3817d ago

Although, when I started up Stardust it reset my PS3, and then downloaded the trophy update like nothing happened. It was weird, but it worked fine after that.

gaffyh3817d ago

I have the news bar switched off and have not had any freezes in 2.40 so far

zer0man13817d ago

I'm not having any issue with 2.40 and neither are my friends, but then I never had those GTA IV issue either.

The gaming media can sometimes make an issue seem bigger than it really is.

shelbygt333817d ago

Here's what happened:

- downloaded 2.40
- Hit PS button, per directions
- Read screens detailing what this update includes
- Hit X to install
- Installs, reboots, get splash screen, but nothing else. No icons, controller won't connect, nothing. Nada. It won't work.

Call Sony, explain situation, they have me turn on/off bunch of times, they say I have to send it in. That is why Sony is repairing it. It directly has to do with the 2.40 update I applied.

(I even had to have Best Buy reprint my receipt to prove to Sony I bought it less than a year ago!)

solidt123817d ago

I haven't had any problems. I got my first three Trophies on Stardust HD

buckethead_X3817d ago

I'm still slightly new to the PS3, but when i tried to download the Super Stardust HD update, the PS3 would just turn off. I don't know why. After the third time, it finally worked. Maybe it was supposed to for some reason, but I think it's really improbable. Anyway, I loved collecting trophies and sending messages in the middle of blowing up spaceships (^-^)--b

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therealwillie3817d ago

to be expected really... its a big change
no problems for me so far though

proArchy3817d ago

just because you had a problem doesn't mean you disagree with this guy. Nothing wrong was said, so why the disagrees? Are you calling therealwillie a liar?!

buckethead_X3817d ago

Now they disagree with you. Disagrees seem to be pointless. Watch me get 40 disagrees for this one.

NightVyper3816d ago

battlefield has become laggy bad and freeze regularly but it doesn't help that the game is a piece of crap IMHO. Also in COD4 if i host a game it runs super smooth and i was having some weird stutters but thats it nothing to freak out on, though my COD4 crashed 2 times in 5 hours which has never happened before

Relcom3817d ago

I hope i get lucky on this one too.

TheHater3817d ago

I got lucky with the GTA problems. But I was one of those unlucky few last night that got this problem. Hopefully it just my HDD and not my PS3 it self. I don't know what I will do without my ps3 if I have to send it back to Sony for the next several weeks.
I really don't feel like Playing my Xbox 360 for those weeks

Fishy Fingers3817d ago

No problems here. Any problems will undoubtedly be dealt with shortly. It was either release it with a few bugs or continue to develop and test while we sit here waiting.

Personally, I'll take the few bugs for now.

Lumbo3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Might be helpful, cause the solution to the problem is buried on page 29ish something in the forum.

To fix the freeze 2 of the affected 10 or so people with this problem could completely get back their System by reformating the HDD on their PC and then reinserting it to into the PS3. Obviousely some part of a custom theme seems to lock the system here.

To test if you can "repair" your system that way simply remove the HDD from the PS3 and then start the system. If you get a "HDD missing" message and are able to synch your controller you can "fix" your problem with the reformat.

Take into consideration though that you WILL LOOSE your saved games that way unless you manage to download the stuff from the HDD.

I am not sure what kind of FS the internal HDD runs at, i guess EXT3 or something :S

couldn't test cause my system never had any problems

Fishy Fingers3817d ago

Nice useful comment :)

I haven't experienced any problems as of now but if I do at least I know where to refer back to, cheers Lumbo.