Nyko To Release A Media Hub For 40GB PS3 Owners

40Gb PS3 owners need extra USB slots or even a Card Reader?

Well Nyko has you covered. They are due to release a Media Hub that features 3 extra USB ports & a card reader that can read SD cards & Memory Sticks

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Pornlord3817d ago

Simple enough, I like it. I'm not much on accesories per-say, but this seems practical, and it looks like it might match my PS3 (doesn't look piano, but black is black).

supahbad3817d ago

yeah i was planning on geting a new ps3, and the only reason i didn't want the 40 gig was because it didn't have these slots, now i'll have to think about it

MAiKU3817d ago

And that would be the BC issue. one can dream though... one can dream.