Actor Who Plays Franklin in GTA 5 Confirms Story DLC is Still Alive

DLC continuing the adventures of Franklin, Michael and Trevor was confirmed by Rockstar around this time last year, and originally promised in 2014.

Since then Rockstar has been quiet as the priority has been on regular updates for GTA Online, the new-gen versions of GTA 5 and Heists, which are due early next year.

In an interview with Jack Thriller, rapper and actor Fonteno confirms that one of his current projects is working on the DLC for GTA 5 “and that’s first on my list to finish that up”.

Maybe the DLC will feature the casino etc etc.

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SuperBlur1281d ago

R*games already confirmed it during the IGN interview tho ...

DxTrixterz1281d ago

Coming out "early" 2017.

Freddy_Millz11281d ago

My man's eye is all over the f*ckin place!!!!

Psychotica1281d ago

I hope so. It's too bad they couldn't have added the heists to the offline mode with a.i crew mates.

xPhearR3dx1280d ago

lol what? The entire single player revolves around heist. Hell, the opening scene is a heist.

Psychotica1280d ago

Yeah and once they are done then what?? I am talking about after free roam mode heists with a.i crews

Neo_Zeed1280d ago

That's good because the game should end on an epic high note. The ending was rather dull and anticlimactic.

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