WorthPlaying Xbox 360 Review - 'Operation Darkness'

WorthPlaying writes: "Who doesn't love a good pulp-action movie? Considering the recent release (and box-office success) of "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull," it's difficult to deny the appeal of a pulp story. As the first three "Indiana Jones" films demonstrated, one of the most powerful and prevalent themes for the pulp fiction genre is World War II. Considering the events of that war, the supernatural and realistic stories that stemmed from the events within, and the fact that there are few real-world enemies as satisfying to punch as a Nazi, and you've got a ripe setting for good old-fashioned cheesy action. Surprisingly few games take advantage of this sort of setting, with most war games being brutally realistic or overly comedic. Atlus' Operation Darkness is one of the few titles that realizes that pulp comics are the perfect fuel for a video game, and to top it off, it's a rare oasis in the desert that is the Xbox 360's role-playing game selection. The only problem? Unlike "Indiana Jones" and more like far more forgotten pulp comics, Operation Darkness never manages to rise above mediocrity."

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Excalibur3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Or more like tried to and I have never had so much work just to play a game.
Very frustrating with Last Gen grafix.
I'd give it more like a 3/10

I'll pass.