2.40 includes hidden PSN Store upgrade

PS3Fanboy writes:

The new look PSN Store is definitely something to behold, even if we've mostly gotten used to what it looks like by now. Unfortunately, it suffered from not caching images properly and, as a result, slow loading of items on the store. If you're someone who's particularly annoyed by this, then you'll be happy to hear that firmware 2.40 seems to have brought with it a little surprise which makes the store run a lot smoother. This is true of both the US and the EU stores.

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TrevorPhillips3822d ago

i knew that was new i swear i was on the ps3 to check the marketplace and i said to my bro whats that press square to change layout and i changed it and looks better

instantstupor3822d ago

Did I really somehow miss that this whole time? I'm glad they keep doing these little things to improve the experience, though they really need to start coming out with a comprehensive list of what these updates do/change/implement/improve so people don't miss these sweet little upgrades. Thanks Sony, I really am loving the PS3 more and more with each firmware update.

TrevorPhillips3822d ago

Yea i knowww ever since i changed it i was like awesome :)

byeGollum3822d ago

We Noticed it too, YeSss

chasuk083822d ago

Yeh i noticed it too, but i didnt know if it was new or not, as i dont spend my day browsing the playstation store

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The story is too old to be commented.