Dissidia: Final Fantasy Explained

With Dissidia: Final Fantasy being announced to celebrate the Final Fantasy franchise 20th anniversary, it's no surprise the story of the game will revolve around the popular crystals from the early Final Fantasy games. Japanese game magazine Famitsu have included a few details from game producer Tetsuya Nomura, director Takeshi Arakawa, and planning director Mitsunori Takahashi mouths.

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hay3815d ago

Huh, I hope it'll be great.

kesvalk3815d ago

Why all FF are about some crystal?

even in the later FFs the story are about some type of crystal (magicity, Black materia anyone? or even the memory crystal (that i forgot the name now) in FF X-2)

anyway, sad its on the PSP

instantstupor3815d ago

If you're saying too bad it's on the PSP vs. being on the PS3 I agree. Otherwise I don't see a problem with it. PSP needs some strong software to keep it going, and if it does well enough, it might be ported over to PS2 for some full screen action.

I was also wondering if Sony would start to put Trophies in PSP games. Sync up through USB or Wi-Fi to your PS3 to add an extra level of interactivity between the PSP and PS3 and do something a little extra that neither of the competition could (though Microsoft could if it decided to go into the handheld realm). It would drive PSP software and get people who own PS3's to get PSP's and vice-versa. It seems like too good an opportunity for them to pass up, don't you think?

tojfs79313814d ago

Crystals are damn sexy.

shadowlink253813d ago

is the story to do with saving the crystals or killing them, plus do you chose one charator at the start of the game and battle your way through all the other charator a bit like soul cailber or smash bros