Infinite Undiscovery: Demo video

Gamersyde report's: The Japanese version of Inside Xbox is today all about this first video from the demo done of Infinite Undiscovery a few weeks ago. It's worth mentioning that the framerate issues here are most likely due to the Inside Xbox stream and not the game itself.

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poos33819d ago

ananzing totally real time battle thi sgame wil be the best jrpg till so4 is releasd htis game is a contender for goty the game looksamamzing and its a 360 exclsuive so many good games this year WOW

ISA_Scum3819d ago

Gameplay looks alright while visuals are underwhelming. Textures look fairly poor. Still, it's worth keeping your eye on this game if FFXIII gets pushed back again.

thor3818d ago

FF XIII? Pushed back? Does it have a release date yet??

Homicide3818d ago

The battle system looks incredible. I like how you can go into menu and the background is still active. The gameplay itself just sold me. The graphics/texture are a little underwhelming, but I'm pretty sure it will look better on an HDTV :)