Developers pledge PS3 Trophy support

MCV: Following Monday's clarification of Sony's plans for its new Trophy system, the first games supporting the update have gone live – and more developers have pledged their support for the new rewards scheme.

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meepmoopmeep3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

thanks for the support for Uncharted Naughty Dog.
i'm going to love to replay it again. 11th time of awesomeness!

all i want for trophies now are R&C, MGS4, PixelJunk Monsters and Heavenly Sword.

Scarfy3485d ago

... and give us another bunch of levels at Christmas time, please? :)

thor3485d ago

With more monsters and bosses and towers! I was upset that encore had no new monsters :(

SCThor3485d ago

is there a different kind of trophie for finishing a game in easy or normal mode? At least in Super Stardust HD there's no difference.

meepmoopmeep3485d ago

i didn't even know there was an easy mode. there wasn't one before so i guess they addeed that in an udpdate?

yeah, i'm wondering that as well, there should be. it would make sense to.

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arika3485d ago

now were talking! keep it coming guys!

chasuk083485d ago

I hope im wrong but i really cant see developers patching games that are already realesed such as cod4, motorstorm, fnr3, and the rest. I can only see first party trophys coming soon, no third party. But i hope im wrong.

Scarfy3485d ago

Because some people are extremely anal and won't buy games unless there are some sort of bragging rights available in them.

Zip3485d ago

They just earned my 50$! .... Patching Uncharted as we speaks :$

CaptainHowdy3485d ago

there's a patch for it already?

TheExecutive3485d ago

nope. i am staring at the screen right now, no patch.

predator3485d ago

I hope Uncharted's comes soon

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The story is too old to be commented.