Videogamer: Buzz!: Quiz TV Review

Videogamer writes: "As a developer it can't always be easy to come up with new ideas for sequels. Relentless Games, the studio that brought us Buzz! on the PlayStation 2 must have had a hard time when planning Buzz! Quiz TV for PS3. There's only so much you can do with a quiz and seeing as the PS2 games nailed the quiz show formula it's hard to bolt on new features rather than re-invent the wheel.

For anyone who has never played a Buzz! game before, it's essentially your standard TV quiz show, played with buzz controllers. Ideally played with friends, you compete for the highest score in a series of rounds, testing your knowledge in numerous categories (music, movies and TV, knowledge, sports and lifestyle). Things come to a head in the final round where you compete until one player remains. This basic formula hasn't changed much in this PS3 incarnation, although you're now free to wave your arms about thanks to the wireless controllers."

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