10° Feature: Rethinking Traditional Advertising Methods writes: "Think print, broadcast and direct marketing methods are dead? Guess again, says Videogame Marketing and PR author Scott Steinberg, who finds new life in old campaigns with help from DIRECTV's Steven Roberts, National CineMedia's Doug Gellerman and Alloy's Deborah Gitell.

OK, you've caught me... I admit it. Like most game marketing pundits, I'm often guilty of excessive prognostication and – always on the lookout for the next big trend by virtue of the profession – frequently quick to write tried-and-true advertising vehicles off.

As loyal readers know, I've long been a champion of viral, video-based, grassroots and interactive strategies, which have, in just the last three years, begun to supplant national television, radio and print promotions as the global brand manager's favorite methodologies du jour. And why not? The move towards creating compelling content designed not so much to shamelessly flog product as invite users to connect with featured attractions in an organic manner that promises direct, tangible benefits is hardly an alarming phenomenon. But shame on me (and, of course, the rest of the critics) for not having the good sense to pop a couple Vicodin, unknot our panties and speak up sooner."

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