Capcom Says Mega Man 9 WiiWare-Only After All

When Mega Man 9 was slipped by the Aussies, it was listed as multi-platform. When we got official word that the game would be coming to WiiWare, Capcom's Christian Svensson commented, "I will also say, NP [Nintendo Power, the original source of the news] only has part of the story. More to be learned later." All signs pointed to the inevitable presence of the game on Xbox live Arcade and PlayStation Network, which was confirmed yesterday via a Capcom E3 roster. Not so true.

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Product3789d ago

If in fact this is wiiware exclusive(which i doubt)it will really do good for old Nintendo fans such as myself who love the old school games from the early 90's.I bought the wii because of its controls and just as much as for its back catalogue.This would be an excellent addition to the retro library for wii fans aswell as for ps360 fans(if this does end up being multiplatform)

slave2Dcontroller3789d ago

I miss my NES days as you can tell by my avatar and screen name. Yet after playing Commando and Rocketmen(both PSN) I cant help but wonder if Capcom is taking the easy way out with a "less effort-more money" approach.

I mean damn... Ol'schoolers such as myself would appreciate a 16 bit Megaman9 over 8 bits any day. I will wait for the final product before I just write this off as a ripoff but if its REALLY good then I will surely add it to my Wii library.

I just hope Capcom is'nt getting lazy but judging from those last 2 PSN/Live titles... it sure seems like they are.

ChickeyCantor3789d ago

And a oldschool gamer such as my self appreciate 8-bit games.

I rather have this, simply because it goes waaaaay back.

I think the reason they are doing it in this form is simply because Megaman is out on VC. So to make it look like one big library of megaman games why not make it like the others?

PS360WII3789d ago

If Mega Man 9 goes on to sell well I hope it'll spark a resurgence of old school games. That would be really cool. 8-bit will never die! :)

Isaac3789d ago

Good for you, I am sure Capcom will laugh all the way to the bank from all the money they will get from such a low investment in a product with such low production values. I love my NES games, but if devs think they can pass off old technology as new they can keep it.

Maybe if the gameplay was like the one found in the 8-bit days but the technology behind it was upgraded to the bells and whistles of today I would give it a try. Oops, I forgot how the Wii doesnt pack any advanced technologies anyway.

PS360WII3789d ago

ahaha you so funny :(

but seriously there is no need for any of that jibbirish. Some like Punk music some like rap some like games that look pretty and some like old school games. To each his own and I don't make fun of your games that you feel are sweet.

ChickeyCantor3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Isaac, if i pay for such thing then its my choice.
You just cant comprehend the fact that people actually love such games.

The fact this game can even be fun to YOU, you shun it because it goes retro.
You are no gamer you are braindead.

I laugh at you, for you are a holla back boy of the Media nonsense.
Games are games, no need them to be like movies or advance from their previous installment(Zero was the last one if i recall correctly). As long they are Fun there is no problem right?

Enigma_20993789d ago

All I ever wanted was to see it in 16 bit.... I could never get a copy of the Wily Wars.

To see them go this route NOW... in 2008... just reeks of [email protected] hello reused sprites and minimal animation...

To further prove just how LAME a move this is... do any of you remember the previous game in the series? Take a look...

Now why in the hell would you want to go back to 8 bit after THAT?!?!? And then they force feed you that line about "catering to the fans longing for a bit of nostalgia..." Well, if that's your thing, good for you. But that doesn't change what it is, and what it is... is pitiful.

And do you know how many people are using this as an opportunity to talk down on the Wii and DS?

Enigma_20993789d ago

Because I made a point, and proceeded to prove it?

ChickeyCantor3789d ago

" Now why in the hell would you want to go back to 8 bit after THAT?!?!? "

Because we CAN.
Why is it so with gamers that once there is a ghraphical improvement its impossible to go back?

The reason im not bothered by this is because it will be included with Chiptunes setting F'ng good mood. ( Really the music in Megaman 8 wasnt that great to me). And simplicity has its own charm.

If they plan on making a Megaman with better gfx, its all welcome.
But im really not going to ignore this game. Its something from the past made in 2008.
And the idea alone is freaking cool.

Its pitiful to you, awesome to me.
So dont be going like if its a fact.

Edit( no i did not hit the disagree, although i would have i just dont do that)

PS360WII3789d ago

Proved what? That you yourself like the PS1 game rather then the NES ones? Good for you, however, there is still a large group of Mega Man fans that would like nothing more then it be brought back to the original way of awesomeness.

This isn't a cheap ploy this is fan service just like making DMC4 or Dead Rising 2. People want to play it they know what audience wants to play it and they are making it for that market that would want and buy it.

Nothing lame/pitiful here other than those that want the game but don't want a Wii so they make fun of it.

all imho of course

Enigma_20993789d ago

... but then again, you don't care about it anyway, do you? But apparently you can take more 8-bit games. I can't. I swore I'd never go back THAT far... although I have made some exceptions.

"That you yourself like the PS1 game rather then the NES ones?"

I'm playing BIONIC COMMANDO, you s***!!! It's not about system preference, it's about what they call "new"... But I tell you what... if all the animation is 100% NEW in this game, I will GLADLY take back my statements, and issue you BOTH a full apology. But I don't see it... same jumping animations, same graphics... same simplistic gameplay... you know, floating enemies that hit you when you try to time important jumps...

ChickeyCantor3789d ago

New as in a new one in the series.
And that is Number 9

PS360WII3789d ago

I know you aren't talking about which console you like more (Bionic Commando on NES is the best game ever mind you ^.-) but all you proved with your link is that you like Mega Man 8 which was on PS1 vs Mega Man 1-6 which were NES games. That is all you proved to me.

You swore you'd never go back but you said you are playing a NES game? Ah well no worries this is a new Mega Man that'll have new stuff in it and all the gameplay that was in 1-8 (yes even 8 had that simplistic gameplay as you called it... but I wouldn't say it's simplistic for the games are rather hard)

Enigma_20993789d ago

I said, "I swore I'd never go back THAT far... although I have made some exceptions."

if you're gonna quote me, do it right...

PS360WII3789d ago

hey man it's cool no need to be hatin I got that you like a few NES games and I'm sure you like some old Genesis and SNES games as well but why not make an exception for Mega Man 9 as well seeing that you do seem to enjoy the franchise ^^

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