The Trophy Rush Begins

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"I don't know what it was but I just couldn't sleep last night, you see it felt a bit like it was going to be christmas the next day and something good was awaiting, but it wasn't the thought of christmas keeping me awake, it was Sony's firmware 2.40 update."

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B-Rein3790d ago

wait till the patches come out in most of the games that are out the ppl wud go crazy buying games and playin, tryin to become the best lol

B-Rein3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

see what people say now, buying the 360 versions or ps3 version os multi platform games

macsto3790d ago

Well considering the majority of multi platform games look better on 360, im guessing people will still be taking 360 versions over ps3 versions

Ghoul3790d ago


guess some didnt heard the shot.

every single reason to get a multiplat game on the 360 has been swtiched to the ps3 camp

free online
better graphics

arte all to be found on the ps3 yet, im suprised how ms let this slip out of hands and does nothing while sony makes the psn even more awesome on a regular basis

ki03653790d ago

multiplat games still look marginally better, there is tons of evidence on it. free online was never a reason to choose xbox :P

but im going to love being a level 5 trophywhore

SL1M DADDY3790d ago

That might have been the case 15 months ago but now we are seeing devs making games look identical or even better on the PS3. Now with free online and trophies for the PS3, making the purchase for multiplatform games just got even. The tipping point for me is reliability... And we both know what console is a bit more reliable at the moment. Maybe this will encourage MS to fix their console design since Sony now has what they have...

boodybandit3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Maybe some people think constant blue and green lights are prettier than flashing red.

Back to reality. The reality of it is the big market multi platform titles (COD4, Bunout Paradise, DMC4, etc) have no discernable differences in graphics. Only nit picking fanboys believe other wise.

Let's face it. It's getting harder and harder for haters to find fault in the PS3. The library, only a BluRay player, no XMB, limited online, multi platform titles looking / running worse, etc are a thing of the past.

Own both consoles (I do. multiples actually) or love the one your with. There is no reason for all this brand loyalty, console bashing and defending your console like it's a member of your family.

Back on topic.
I haven't played Stardust in months but I am going to fire it up today and get me some trophies. I have to download the add on while I am at it.

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Fragking283790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

But if you have both systems like me you most likely wont switch to buying multiplat games on the ps3 for one reason, your hard earned acheivements and friends are still on 360. Theres no way a person like me is starting over on the ps3, unless its for the games i already own on ps3( by starting over i mean the satisfaction of seeing my rank/score, much like ps3 only owners are feeling right now.

Plus i didnt notice before cause i have 2 friends on my psn friends list, but the cap was previoulsy 50. How in the hell can your online community be "live" (no pun intended) when your just reaching the 100 friends list limit.

Sorry i'm ranting but what im trying to say is if your buying a multiplat game when you own a 360 and ps3 most likely you'll still buy the 360 version because all of your hard work is on the 360 and you'll probably want to expand on that ( unless there's a major adavantage on the ps3 which has yet to be seen).

Add me Fragking28 on psn and live.

-EvoAnubis-3790d ago

It's not likely that multi-plat owners will choose the PS3 version of a game over the 360 version due to this. Which is fine, because that wasn't the point.

People seem to think that Sony did this to copy MS or to become more like XBL, which is simply not the case. The 2.4 update was Sony listening to the fans. On the Official PS3 forums and the PlayStation.Blog, this is what we asked for. And Sony delivered.

This wasn't about drawing in 360 gamers. It was about giving PS3 gamers what we asked them for. It's just that simple.

B-Rein3790d ago

yeh i totally agree with you, if you look that teh sony 2.40 blog they keep using the phrase "requested features" also they say it in teh walkthrough vids, so sony basically gave their gamers what they want

tweaker3790d ago

Its like fresh race and everybody starts at nothing. PSN is the new MMORPG.

crck3790d ago

The trophies are just icing on the cake. My reasons were:

1. On my 3rd 360. Don't wanna have a bunch of games for a system that may not work for the long haul.

2. Ps3 version comes on blu-ray discs. No one ever talks about this but I frickin' love it. Leave the games out of their cases without a worry. Hell you can use them as coasters just wipe them off when done and good as new.

3. I don't want the online functionality tied to having to pay fees every year. Its only $50 a year but it still feels wrong. Why do I have to pay anything to unlock functionality of a game I already paid for? I have since let my Gold expire and don't miss it at all.

SL1M DADDY3790d ago

You hit every point for me bud. Bubbles for ya sir.

kewlkat0073790d ago

That's like saying I have Cable TV, why do I have to pay for Pay Per View Movie or Event?

You only pay to play online, while you have a choice it is still a service that is charged for. Nothing different.

Thank MS for Sony and what they are dong now. I bet you if MS was not in the picture PSN would have a free. Either way your paying for a service, I have the Internet but am I entitled to everything for free on there?

pwnsause3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Online play is something that PC owners get on every game, with the exception of the MMORPG, so why do I need to pay for XBL just to play online, Steam doesnt allow such a thing, and Neither does the PSN, sure the PSN is not up to par with the 360 yet, but its really that damn close Right now with this update. so far it just gave PS3 users the ability to go into the main menu of the OS without exiting the game, thus allowing to send messages to your freinds, and play your music while in-game, which devs can take advantage of, not to mention the competition to acheivements. theres no point for anyone to pay for that service, now talk to me if those $50 that you pay per year can allow for Pay to play access for XBL arcade games. that would be killer, thats what both Microsoft and sony should be focusing on.

(Forgive me for my wall of text)

kewlkat0073789d ago

MS's XBL Business model is nothing new here, looking at services we pay for in daily life.

The PC Model ofcourse the Devs do all the work themselves on the back end. You buy a game, they host some servers or rent and you get to play.

With MS you have to understand they are doing all the back-end work themselves, so of course there is going to be some type of charge. Some are willing to pay and some not.

I still think it's a little too Hi but in reality, a cup of coffe a day, can buy you a month of XBL.

Yeah Sony's model resembles the PC model, and there are pros nad cons to each. Some just paint MS as stealing from gamers, when you have a choice and it's just, well business.

crck3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

When you pay for a pay per view movie you are paying for extra content similar to DLC. Content that is not seen as part of the original package. I have no problem with that.

What I do have a problem with is paying for content or code that is already included by the 3rd party but MS is charging to access that content. If they let 3rd parties release games that circumvent XBL using the 3rd parties' match making I would be fine with it. But they don't and want to charge me for the content not provided by them but by the 3rd party dev.

If XBL was an paid option for better matchmaking and in game messaging I would be fine with that. I wouldn't pay for it but those that want to can. But its not set up that way. Its forced upon you if you want to unlock the content 3rd parties devs consider and advertise as part of their final product. Now if MS advertised every single game with an online component in their library as $60 for the offline portion only that would be fine too. But they don't and the media doesn't either. They all just act like Live Gold is a given when its not.

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wolfehound223790d ago

Ya I agree completely with this. Pretty funny I never really cared about achievements, but I believe thats because I have yet to buy a 360 (which will soon be a purchase). I was able to download the patch. Then had to download the update for Super Stardust. Unfortunately had to leave for work so I did not get to play anything or try out any of the new features. Can't wait for 430 pm then it will be gaming all night. Unfortunately it's only 5 am so its one long day left lol.

B-Rein3790d ago

most exciting isnit, never knew itll come to this lol. ps3 is awesome lol, jus cant wait untill they update the games with trophie features lol

TrevorPhillips3790d ago

Hey guys add me PSN gamertag a2raya87 and my Xbox Live gamertag a2raya :)

rakgi3790d ago

wow you people must hate him 5 disagrees

Bigbangbing3790d ago

Konami hurry up i need a patch...

The 3rd Place3790d ago

The Super Stardust patch comes in at 255mb. Better buy another HDD, as the Metal Gear update will probably be 3.1GB and add another 7 minutes of installs between chapters.

Isaac3790d ago

At least developers know we have an HDD.

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