Videogamer: Spore: Creature Creator Review

Videogamer writes: "new species is great fun, creation tools can be simple yet deep, people will always make the rudest things possible, and Spore is going to be a massively popular PC release. Although only a fraction of what will make up the full release of Spore due this September, the Creature Creator still ranks as one of the most impressive PC titles of the year and is a must buy for anyone interested in playing god.

There's no real game to play in Creature Creator. You're presented with a blob, which you can manipulate into a shape, pulling its spinal cord in every direction possible, before adding a head, limbs and various optional extras, as if designing a new car. The basic model might be fine, but the luxury model includes extra armour for added safety. It's all incredibly simple, completely mouse driven and lots of fun."

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