GameSpot: FIFA Soccer 09 First Look - We step onto the pitch with EA's latest soccer offering

GameSpot writes: "We had a chance to see FIFA 09 for the first time at EA's Season Opener event a few weeks ago. Although some of the most exciting features are still under wraps until E3, we did have a chance to check out the gameplay improvements made to this year's game.

Many of the gameplay improvements that debuted in UEFA 08, EA's other soccer game (released earlier this year), have found their way into FIFA 09. These changes include the implementation of weather, interactive celebrations, adaptive team AI, and dynamic crowd reactions. Although some of the changes merely add a visual flair to the soccer experience, others such as rain games will have an impact on gameplay and strategy. Long passes will become more difficult to complete because the ball may get muddled in wet patches scattered across the pitch. Player movement will also be affected because ballhandlers will be unable to make quick cuts, and less-agile players may slip in the wet terrain."

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