Uncharted + Mass Effect + Fallout = Alpha Protocol

Obsidian and Sega are teaming up to bring espionage to the RPG with the visually gorgeous release of Alpha Protocol. Gameplayer has just gone live with an extensive look at what gamers can expect from the title. It includes quotes from the developer.

"Alpha Protocol promises to merge the pulsating action of games like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune with the deep, considered and player-defined character development of Mass Effect. As far as bringing together hot ideas, Obsidian could hardly have suggested two better points of comparison to get people salivating. However, this experienced developer is not simply walking in the footsteps of BioWare again."

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003818d ago

Got to keep my eye on this one.

sunnygrg3818d ago

Here's to hoping Sega scores a hit, a sleeper hit.

instantstupor3818d ago

That's quite a pedigree they have there. If they can cull the best parts from each game, make them strong/polished, integrate them all seamlessly while innovating slightly as to not have a case of the "feels to same-y" then they would have a massive success on their hands. Tall order? Yes, but all the greatest games are. I will be keeping an eye on this one too.

ShinMaster3818d ago

Since Naughty Dog announced that they'll continue the Uncharted franchise, here's hoping for an official Uncharted 2 announcement.

SlappingOysters3818d ago

Althogh Sony are being bloody quiet in the lead-up to E3

Maybe Liepzig for them.

Cynical-Gamerzus3818d ago

Whoa slow down there SEGA!!
Those are big ass names to compare to SEGA! and last time I checked Shenmue was the only thing that could blow away those games mentioned earlier!!!
So if you guys have 20-30 mill to spend on the next Shenmue by all means do so!!
I miss my old Sega..
But we need Ryu with Ninja skillz!!!
HE trains and becomes a ninja as well as kung fu expert and gets some fire power!!!

SlappingOysters3818d ago

Not only the way the gameplay sounds like playing out, but the screenshots look the good too.

tiropitas3818d ago

All the games the want to emulate is favorites of mine so this looks like a must have.

MK_Red3818d ago

I don't care about game. It's Obsidian, with the ex-Black Isle people so, their game IS on my most anticipated list no matter what it is.

Cool game though I hope it's less Uncharted and more Fallout. So far, the dialogue system and its depth seems really good.

Superfragilistic3818d ago

Yeah I've been watching this for a while now. Odsidian have chosen a theme that's rarely been used if ever in the RPG world and they've stripped back the stats to a more real time based levelling system. It's clear they're out to prove a point. EDGE did a great preview on it a while back and it looks fantastic.

MK_Red3818d ago

Good point about the theme. As for EDGE's preview, I gotta find it. I hate EDGE's reviews but their previews are spot on.

Superfragilistic3818d ago

Here you go:

There are others, particulary one from about three months back that spurred my interest but can't find it. :(

EDGE's is by far the best I've read recently though. It's nice to see Obsidian stepping up to the plate with their very own and very orignal IP.

MK_Red3818d ago

Thanks for the link and help. Bubbles for you my fried. Cool read.

Agreed on Obsidian. Finally making a game based on an original IP of its own. No NWN3 or KOTOR3. It's Obsidian's own personal game and world this time. Can't wait.

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