"Immense pressure" for console Diablo III won't turn to force from Activision

VG247: Speaking under conditions of anonymity, a highly-placed source close to Vivendi has told VG247 that, despite comments from Blizzard to the contrary over the weekend, a newly-formed Activision-Blizzard may see a console version of Diablo III as a no-brainer.

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AxeCain3815d ago

I totally want to believe this. But I dont think that it will happen. Lets make it happen guys. More pressure on Blizz for a console version.

Daver3814d ago

Personnaly, I prefer console over PC gaming, i dont like PC much but diablo 3 has to be played on PC, its not a console game

witchking3814d ago

I would love to see Diablo III on the 360 and playable with friends over Live. Bring it on!

Bebedora3814d ago

I wouldn't like to play this on a PC. On a console you can have co-op mode and no need to upgrade my soon 3yr old PC.

Still, I am somewhat waging if I would buy it, since the gameplay video I saw of it resembles D1 and D2 with better graphics and some nifty traps. The demo didn't make me want to buy it. Maybe it's more to it than this.

Anywyas, if it's co-op and will run on the PS3 I will buy it.

Voiceofreason3814d ago

Diablo just isnt a console game. It has always had co-op and didnt need consoles to do it on. I'll take 4 player online over 2 player online watered down game play anyday.

Bebedora3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

You know. Co-op is meant as hotseats. 2 friends mauling away some dungeons or whatnot. That requires 2 mices and 2 keyboards on one PC to accomplish. I'd say console version if hotseat co-op. Net isn't that fun and immediate reactions from/to your friend disappears.

Besides of that, I think Diablo is one of the PC genres that is really doable on a console. I am thinking in the lines of Baldurs gate Dark Alliance.

ry-guy3814d ago


Diablo was on the Playstation!

This is not unheard of for Blizzard.

JustinSaneV23814d ago

But it wasn't ported by Blizzard. Climax Studios handled the port.

Seafort3814d ago

I hope this doesnt go to console. I'd rather blizzard make the best game they can on the PC so it has to remain PC exclusive.
Multiplatform games dont work if u want to create an amazing game.

I wish all you console gamers would just leave what little exclusives the PC has left and play your halo, MGS4 game exclusives.

GameOn3814d ago

Halo is in the pc. Share the love man.

Voiceofreason3814d ago

yes and Halo for PC sucks.. I could deal with that though. If console gamers dont mind waiting 3-4 years for thier version of the game

ban fans3814d ago

I don't understand why people care wether it stays exclusive to PC or not. If you want it on PC, get it on PC. Those of us who can't run it on our PC or just simply feel more comfortable with a controller would like to play the game too. I don't care if every game goes multi-platform. What difference does it make to me as a consumer? I don't make any money from it, I play games to have fun!

Scarfy3814d ago

Maybe it's just me (and I'll see plenty of disagrees), but the first thing I thought after watching the gameplay videos was,

Why have Blizzard put a console game on the PC?!

There were elements in there, such as the simplified interface, the health orbs, and all kinds of other things that scream of the kind of game that would be perfectly at home at the PS3 and 360. I was reminded of Baldur's Gate on the PS2...

But here's the other thing,

Blizzard is a business; they are out to make money. And whilst they have a nice cash cow that is WoW, the calls from the console community to port the game suggest it would sell in huge numbers.

But that's my Two Cents.

Seafort3814d ago

Well diablo 3 just looks like daiblo 1 and 2 to me. A point n click action rpg like it always has been. You dont control the character directly but rather the cursor controlled by the mouse controls the character.
Console gamers normally directly control the character. I'd like to see u control the character with a cursor on a gamepad.
The interface is influenced by WoW another blizzard PC exclusive game.

From what i saw of the gameplay in the video it just looks like classic Diablo with added graphical flair and havoc physics.
No idea where u get it looks like it was designed for consoles from.

Scarfy3814d ago

Directing a cursor on an analogue stick might not be as fluid as a mouse, but its by no means as crippling as you're making it out to be.

Also, where I got the idea of it being a console game is from the commentary about how they had made everything very minimal and being able to be done using just the mouse. Everything where you need it, in one ease to use control system.

Just like a joypad.

ThatCanadianGuy3812d ago

PS3 has mouse/keyboard compatibilty.
So diablo 3 on console would be just like on PC.

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