GameZone: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

GameZone writes: "The formula is, at once, both familiar and a little different. Oh, and if you are up for a challenge then Guitar Hero: Aerosmith has precisely what you may be looking for.

The expansion is a mixture of Aerosmith songs through the ages as a reward for playing through two songs (in the career mode) by other bands. Sometimes the songs are covers, like the Hard to Handle number (covered by Steve Ouimette), but others like Ted Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever are master recordings. You get to wander through the six venues that were signposts in the career of Aerosmith, beginning with the first high school (Nipmuc) the band played at. At the end of each level, after playing two songs by other bands, you get to play a couple of Aerosmith's tunes. If you do that well enough, you might get an encore. Interspersed with the trip through time are sound and audio bytes featuring members of the band and their recollections about the time and place."

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