IGN: FIFA 09 PS2 First Look - Introducing Easy Play and player shielding to the PS2

IGN writes: "The EA Sports directive to provide for a more casual audience's gameplay needs in its releases has been most thoroughly developed, naturally, in its All-Play Wii releases. In the case of FIFA 09, which we saw recently in Vancouver at EA Canada's studio, the PS2 version has been developed with the same ideals in mind. That manifests itself in the most prominent new feature of the PS2 version of the game: Easy Play.

The idea of Easy Play is similar to the Family Play mechanic seen in last year's Wii game, where the game removes most of the game's controls to make it a simpler experience. Playing In Easy Play mode requires the usage of only two buttons; one button shoots on offense and switches players on defense, while the other passes on offense and attempts a slide tackle on defense."

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