Did 2.4 add Backwards Compatibility on 80GB PS3 Model?

Slade, moderator back at the GT forums, is reporting that one of those "not listed" FW 2.40 features is full Backwards Compatibility. He reports that Mana Khemia was previously unplayable, but now is.

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Alexander Roy3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

I don't think it's 100% just now. Sony said they improve it over time, so maybe that was just the next one on their list or a nice side effect from fixing another game.

EDIT: Before I look like a fool - the title first said "100% BC", so that's were my statement comes from.

cp683819d ago

Indeed, it could be that they've just added that features for future use...just like the youtube uploading feature. It wasn't official revealed although it was included in one of those earlier firmware. (if i remember well, it was 2.20)

instantstupor3818d ago

Because 80 GB models had BC, just like 85-90% or something. A more appropriate title would be "Improved Backwards Compatibility?" I definitely know they do little updates here and there to improve compatibility with all titles, PS2 included.

In any event, if they got any model (besides the 60 GB of course) to hit 100% BC than they wouldn't keep that under the radar. Considering the overall negativity people had with Sony's decision to reduce/remove BC, you can bet that would be a feature they made visible.

The new store layout (that was included in 2.40 where you hit square to put content in list form) is a small one they didn't even bother to list. I could pretty much guarantee that you would hear "In Game XMB, Trophy Support, and now Full BC on older models" shouted from every journalistic rooftop if it were true.

PoSTedUP3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

ill see right now. the only game that dosnt play on my ps3 is scarface, it plays but its like in slow motion for some reason. ill check if it works right now.

EDIT: nope still slow, it might be just my game though.

The gaming GOD3819d ago

However, sony DID say they were working on it for ALL ps3 models and would indeed put it in a firmware update.

I'm not sure if they put it in THIS firmware (2.40) update though

Meresin3819d ago

As far as I know, the 80GB model already does software emulation for PS2 titles. That means that if they intended for the 40GB to have the same functionality, they'd probably have patched it in already.

This is why I don't think there's going to be PS2 titles on the store. They sell a lot more 40GBs than they sell 80GBs, and if they're not adding backwards compatibility for the model they sell more of, it'll flop hard.

Then again, I don't know any of this to be fact. :P

kspraydad3819d ago

The 80GB uses software emulation AND PS2 hardware. The 40GB does not have this hardware and thus emulation of PS2 titles on that system will be more limited (if ever).

I do believe SONY will have limited BC for the 40GB as it shoots them in the foot not to be able sell all that content on the PSN.

resistance1003819d ago

Sony increase PS2 b/c in most firmwares for the PAL 60GBs and Euro 80GBs

callahan093819d ago


I've had Mana Khemia since it came out and haven't been able to play it. If this makes it playable, then I must shower Sony with praise! (I've already contacted them numerous times just to tell them that I specifically want to be able to play that game, haha)

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